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The Ultimate Hong Kong Disneyland Guide Tickets, Rides, Tips, & More!

The Ultimate Hong Kong Disneyland Guide: Tickets, Rides, Tips, & More!

Ever dreamt of a Hong Kong Disneyland vacay? Whether it’s your first time or it’s been years since your last visit, visiting this magical wonderland is always a treat because it has loads of attractions and experiences to offer. 

Not sure if you should go? Well, this is your sign to book that ticket and step into a world where your dream fairytales come to life. 

We’ve got everything covered – from thrilling rides to enchanting parades and top-class dining experiences. This guide will cover all you need to know about the wonders of Hong Kong Disneyland!

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland is easy and can take around 30 minutes because it’s accessible via MTR and other public transportation options. If you’re coming from Central or Kowloon Station, take the MTR to Sunny Bay, then transfer to Tung Chung Line, and take the stop to Disneyland Resort. 

Apart from that, there are bus routes to Hong Kong Disneyland. You can access them at these stations: Tai Wai Station (Bus R42), Tung Chung Station (Bus 36), and Tuen Mun Station (Bus 33). However, if you plan to come with your family or a group of friends, we suggest you take a taxi from Central.  

Disneyland Park is open from 10:30 AM to 8 PM except for Wednesdays, public holidays, and other designated days. 

Note that all guests are required to book a park reservation prior to the intended time of visit, and you can only do so if you already have valid park tickets, ticket voucher/confirmation, or membership card. 

Ticketing and Admission in Hong Kong Disneyland 

While you can buy tickets at the park’s entrance ticket booths or from one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s hotels, it’s best to avoid the hassle of long lines by purchasing tickets in advance.  That’s why the most convenient way to buy Disneyland tickets is online. 

1-Day Tickets in Hong Kong Disneyland 

To give you an overview of Hong Kong Disneyland’s ticketing and admission process, we’ll discuss their ticket types and tiers along with the prices for 1-day tickets. 

Ticket Tier General Admission(12 to 64 years old) Children(3 to 11 years old) Senior(65 years old and above)
1-Day Tickets Tier 1HK$ 639HK$ 475HK$ 100
Tier 2HK$ 719HK$ 539HK$ 100
Tier 3HK$ 799HK$ 599HK$ 100
Tier 4HK$ 879HK$ 659 HK$ 100

Note that the ticket tiers are used to manage how busy the park is expected to be. From busy to busiest day, are Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4. Of course, busier days, such as peak seasons or major holidays, are more expensive because only a limited number of guests are allowed entry inside the park. 

For example, if you plan to visit on Christmas, you need to have a Tier 4 ticket to enter the park. If you purchased a Tier 1, 2, or 3 ticket, you will not be allowed entry. Nonetheless, if you decide to visit on a lower-tier day and you have a higher-tier ticket, you will still be allowed entry. 

Special Passes and Add-ons in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Aside from regular entry tickets, you can also avail yourself of special passes and add-ons to get easy access to specific attractions inside Disneyland. Here are some of them. 

Pass Type Prices
Early Park Entry PassHK$ 199
Pass for 1 Attraction HK$ 99 to HK$129
Pass for 3 Attractions HK$ 299 to 599
Pass for 8 Attractions, 2 Entertainment Shows, and Momentous Castle ShowHK$ 799

Magic Access Annual Pass in Hong Kong Disneyland 

We recommend getting a Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access Annual Pass if you plan to visit the park many times in one year. With this pass, you can save more, get extra perks, and be Disneyland’s guest throughout the year. 

Magic Access Annual Pass MembershipAdults (12 to 64 years old)Children (3 to 11 years old)Students (full-time student aged 12 to 25 years old)Benefits
Silver Magic AccessHK$ 1,468HK$ 1,088HK$ 1,148• HK$ 40/ HK$15 off for parking fee at the Auto Plaza

• 5% to 13% off for in-park and hotel dining

• 10% to 15% discount for resort and hotel merchandise 

• 10% off the prevailing rate of hotels

• Free dinner or lunch in designated hotels (birthday privileges)

• 20% discount on select park and hotel merchandise

• Vouchers or discounts on Citygate outlets and bus tickets
Gold Magic AccessHK$ 2,558HK$ 1,818HK$ 1,918• Free parking at the Auto Plaza (24 times during the membership term)

• 5% to 18% off for in-park and hotel dining

• 10% to 15% discount for resort and hotel merchandise 

• 15% off the prevailing rate of hotels

• Free dinner or lunch in designated hotels plus HK$300 off dinner at other restaurants (birthday privileges)

• 20% discount on select park and hotel merchandise

• Vouchers or discounts on Citygate outlets and bus tickets
Platinum Magic AccessHK$ 4,678HK$ 3,368HK$ 3,558• Free parking at the Auto Plaza50% off stroller rental (24 times during the membership term)

• Preferred entrance for park entry and security check

• Complimentary luggage storage 

• Priority seating at the Festival of the Lion King

• Magic access platinum hotline

• 10% to 25% off plus advance reservation for in-park and hotel dining

• 10% to 20% discount for resort and hotel merchandise 20% off the prevailing rate of hotels

• Free dinner or lunch in designated hotels, free birthday cake, plus HK$300 or 30% off at other restaurants (birthday privileges)

• 30% discount on select park and hotel 

• Vouchers or discounts on Citygate outlets and bus tickets

Note that the benefits we listed above are still subject to availability and benefit limits depending on the terms and conditions stated per membership tier. 

Attractions and Entertainment in Hong Kong Disneyland 

With a maximum capacity of just 42,000 visitors, Hong Kong Disneyland may be the smallest Disney theme park worldwide, but this doesn’t mean that its magic is pint-sized. 

You see, this little wonderland boasts more than 100 whimsical attractions and entertainment offerings in its seven themed lands. If you want to make the most of your Disney itinerary, check out the must-visit attractions and experiences in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

The Best Magical Attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland 

World of Frozen 

Media Credit: Few Pariwat Sengpuang  

Let it go! Let all your worries go and explore the world’s first and largest Norwegian Frozen-themed wonderland in Hong Kong Disneyland. In the Kingdom of Arendelle (yup, a real-life version of it), you can discover a one-of-a-kind frosty adventure alongside Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and friends. 

Here, you can enjoy an immersive six-minute boat ride through Elsa’s Ice Palace and marvel at the colorful lineup of steep-roofed buildings and shops in the Arendelle Village. You can also ride the Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs to see the beautiful views of the Bay of Arendelle and Arendelle Forest.  

And, of course, don’t forget to take Insta-worthy pics at the iconic Friendship Fountain and Clock Tower to memorialize your visit to Arendelle. 


Media Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Daily 

If you’re visiting Disneyland, one of the themed zones you shouldn’t miss is the Spaceport of Tomorrowland. This sci-fi meets fantasyland attraction features thrilling space travel and simulation rides to give you that immersive high-tech journey into the future.   

Have fun trying out different exciting rides like the Iron Man experience, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Orbitron, and so much more! Meanwhile, if you’re with the kiddos, you can drop by Autopia and drive along the miniature motorway in cute gas-powered cars. 


Media Credit: Charesma Sweet 

As you step inside Adventureland, charming wooden huts and lush foliage will welcome you, so you can really feel the jungle vibes. Say bye to civilization for a while and meet the stars of the wild like the Lion King, Tarzan, and Mowgli. 

Right at the heart of Adventureland, you will find a majestic river that hosts the Jungle Cruise. But that’s not all. There’s also an island in the mix, and perched on it is the iconic Tarzan’s Treehouse that welcomes eager safari explorers from all over the world. 


Media Credit: Disney Fantasy Land 

Are you ready to step into a whole new world of whimsical fairytale and nostalgic paradise? No matter your age, Fantasyland is the classic Disney theme attraction that will definitely put a smile on your face. 

The Castle of Magical Dreams in Fantasyland is like the center of every child’s dreams because this place is where loved Disney characters come to life. You can watch musical mashups and Disney stories starring Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, and other cuties. 

Plus, you can also meet and line up to take pictures with your favorite Disney princesses and queens like Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, and so much more!

Mystic Point 

Media Credit: Kim 

Mystic Point is perhaps the most unique concept to the typical Disneyland wonders because this attraction showcases a mysterious Victorian mansion with an extensive collection of exotic antiquities and trinkets from faraway places. 

Well, the whole mansion may seem a bit creepy because its theme is like a mix between Disney’s version of a haunted house (minus the ghosts) and Indiana Jones because of the decorations, rides, and sound effects that will let you feel you’re in an exotic place. 

Toy Story Land 

Media Credit: 0014

If you love Woody and all of Andy’s friends (as much as we do), you will surely have a fun time exploring Toy Story Land. 

This themed land is, of course, based on Pixar’s Toy Story series. The giant toy world is set up in a spacious and colorful backyard littered with toys, building blocks, and our favorite Andy’s friends – Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky, and more!

Grizzly Gulch 

Media Credit: Stephanie Lau 

Since Hong Kong Disneyland has no Frontierland zone, Grizzly Gulch is like its mini Wild Wild West counterpart. 

This themed land is like an old mining town with lush foliage, a geyser gulch, and thrilling mine rides, so you can you will have lots of things to try here. 

You can also enjoy watching the live musical troupe of The Travelin’ Tunesmiths and their stories about their travels.

Must-Try Rides in Hong Kong Disneyland 

HK Disneyland is a hotspot of pure entertainment and fun, so if you’re down for a visit, you’ve got to make the most out of it! Here’s a list of rides and activities in Hong Kong Disneyland that’s totally worth lining up for. 

Hyperspace Mountain

Media Credit: Ron Esguerra 

Hold onto your hearts and hats because Hyperspace Mountain is a thrilling, fast-paced roller coaster ride that will surely bring out some screams. 

This adrenaline-pumping and hair-whipping indoor ride is set inside Tomorrowland, and its theme is inspired by Star Wars, so you will feel like you’re zooming out of outer space in every loop and turn of this ride. 

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Media Credit: Matthew Kurl 

Game for a wild and breathtaking ride on the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars? This relatively new ride is one of the newest additions to the park, and it’s a popular spot for thrill and adventure seekers.

Picture it as a big outdoor coaster that dashes you in and out of caverns and has lots of surprising twists, dips, and even fake explosions. And there’s more! Be ready for the reverse backward drop topped off with a surprise photo op to capture the moment. 

Iron Man Experience

Media Credit: Jasper Seth 

Fond of Mr. Stark and his legacy? Come check out the Iron Man Experience and get ready to experience a 3D stationary ride that lets you soar through Hong Kong’s skyline with your favorite iron-clad Marvel superhero. 

As you put on the 3D glasses, buckle up because there will be sudden drops and rapid motion maneuvers mixed with sensory effects to let you experience what it’s like to be a superhero for a day!

Jungle River Cruise

Media Credit: MIcnie Minkey 

Set sail on the Jungle River Cruise and feel like the King of the Jungle at Adventureland. Jungle River Cruise is a guided tour that lets wanderers embark on a scenic and exciting adventure featuring a simulated tropical river filled with animatronic hippos, elephants, gorillas, king cobras, and giant spiders. 

Throughout the eight-minute ride, you can also listen to the lively narration led by your trusty and talkative skipper, who can switch from English to Mandarin to Cantonese so you can join in with the jokes and banters!

Slinky Dog Spin 

Media Credit: Pakakrong Siritanakorn 

Slinky Dog Spin is a great go-to ride for the whole family. Once you get your barking pass, this fun ride will take you on a tail-wagging adventure. 

Slinky Dog, alongside his colorful chew toys, will take you for a spin as he chases after his tail while fun and cheerful music plays. And guess what? After the ride, you can take as many pictures as you want with Andy’s other favorite toys in Toy Story Land!

Dining and Refreshments in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Aside from all the fun attractions and rides, Hong Kong Disneyland also features fine dining, quick-service restaurants, and outdoor vending carts to quench your hunger and thirst between adventures. 

To make your visit even more memorable and satisfying, here’s a list of restaurants and cafes in HK Disneyland that we highly recommend. 

Royal Banquet Hall  

Media Credit: Claudine Quimson 

Operating HoursFriday to Monday, Wednesday – 11:30 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday and Thursday – Closed 
Must-ordersXiao Long Bao, Royal Mixed Grill, Pork Dumplings, and Bento Boxes

Royal Banquet Hall is a counter-service restaurant frequented by many park visitors, especially at lunch. Even if it’s one of the largest eateries inside the park, it can get pretty hectic during peak hours, so be ready to line up for some time. ‘

Inside the medieval banquet hall, you’ll find four food stations that serve different dishes – International cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Entrees Royale (mostly Chinese cuisine), and grilled combos. 

Meanwhile, the dining rooms are sectioned into smaller areas, and each one features a different theme, including statues and decorations of Disney princesses alongside their princes. 

Explorer’s Club Restaurant 

Media Credit: Muhammad Jai 

LocationMystic Point
Operating HoursMonday to Friday – 12 PM to 7:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday – 12 PM to 8 PM 
Must-ordersIndian Butter Chicken, Moroccan Beef Kebabs, Meatballs with Disney Characters Pasta, Hainanese Chicken 

Drop by the Explorer’s Club Restaurant in Mystic Point if you’re craving for authentic Asian dishes. This restaurant features a semi-buffet serving format and a fairly large menu with vegetarian and Halal-certified dishes, so it’s a nice spot for people with dietary restrictions. 

Although the meals here are above the affordable range, we still recommend Explorer’s Club because it’s not just about the food. It’s also an experience!

You see, you can opt for a discounted package to enjoy a semi-buffet dinner and get admission to the Momentous Nighttime Spectacular, which features 20 minutes of magical light show accompanied by whimsical music that’s perfect for a lovely date night. 

Enchanted Garden Restaurant 

Media Credit: Mai 

LocationHong Kong Disneyland Hotel 
Operating HoursMonday to Friday – 7:30 AM to 11 AM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM Saturday and Sunday – 7:30 AM to 11 AM, 12 PM to 2 PM, 2:45 PM to 4:15 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM 
Must-ordersDrink Packages (cocktails, wines, soft drinks, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages)
Buffet/character set meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Are you visiting Disneyland with the kiddos? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to dine with famous Disney characters and get a character meal at the Enchanted Garden restaurant. 

However, checking the dates and times dining with characters is available is a must because it’s not an all-day and daily event. Plus, we recommend booking a reservation at least a few days in advance because it’s challenging to get a table here. 

Anyway, in terms of ambiance as well as food quality and variety, we can say that it’s all worth the effort. 

Enchanted Garden gives off a classy Victorian feel mixed with magical garden vibes. Meanwhile, their buffet stations are also good and feature a variety of Western, Asian, and International dishes. 

Main Street Corner Cafe 

Media Credit: sheerviolet 

LocationMain Street, USA 
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday – 11 AM to 9 PM 
Must-ordersStewed Seafood with Crab Claw, Shellie May Yuzu and Raspberry Tart, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Main Street Delight and Disney-themed treats

Want to indulge in some good old homecooked and comfort foods after a long day of exploration? Come check out Main Street  Corner Cafe in Main Street, USA. 

This charming cafe with a cozy enclosed patio is a go-to spot for some tasty and filling treats, as well as a Disney-themed kid’s menu. Now that it’s hosted by Coca-Cola, you can also enjoy a range of burgers, sandwiches, and even vegetarian options. 

Make sure to try their cute Duffy and Friends specialty drinks, shakes, and desserts!

Plaza Inn 

Media Credit: Antho Nyming

LocationMain Street, USA 
Operating HoursWednesday to Monday – 10:30 AM to 8:45 PM Tuesday – Closed 
Must-ordersShrimp Stuffed Dumplings, Giant Steamed Lobster Dumplings, Sauteed Angus Beef with Asparagus, Roasted Goose 

Plaza Inn is your old-school service table restaurant with a twist of Victorian theme accentuated with lively Asian decor and furnishings, so it’s totally an “east meets west” situation inside the restaurant. 

We recommend Plaza Inn for those looking for a family-friendly restaurant because their lunch and dinner set meals are good for sharing, so you can save more and try a little bit of everything. 

Aside from the usual Chinese comfort food, you can also order delectable Disney-themed desserts like a Mickey-shaped coffee pudding and Mickey’s egg custard buns. 

Shopping and Merchandise in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Media Credit: All Things Kawaii

The happiest place on earth is also home to a plethora of shops and boutiques, so you will not run out of options for merchandise, gifts, and souvenirs to bring back home. 

Here are some must-check-out shops in HK Disneyland. We also included our best picks in each shop to make your souvenir shopping easier. 

Where to BuyLocationBest Picks 
Andy’s Toy BoxToy Story Land Toy Story characters’ plushies, pins, and mugs 
Expo Shop Tomorrowland Iron Man merchandise, Marvel-themed toys, collectibles, and apparel 
The Archive Shop Mystic Point Mystic Point-themed tees, drinkware, artwork, and toys 
Professor Porter’s Trading Post Adventureland Mickey Mouse shoes, hats, and shirts, Star Wars shirts, Disney characters’ plushies 
Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles World of Frozen Frozen characters-themed plushies, toys, pet costumes, and pins
The Mad Hatter ShopFantasyland Mickey and Minnie Ears, personalized Disney-themed hats, tiaras, and other headwear

Accommodations in Hong Kong Disneyland 

Planning a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t a walk in the park because there are plenty of things to do and places to see inside. A day might be enough to explore major attractions, but what about the meet and greets with Disney characters or the night parades and fireworks?

Staying in can be a lot more advantageous than you think, so if you want to explore the theme park at your own pace, here are the accommodations you can consider. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel 

Media Credit: Trina Candaza 


Address: Magic Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 3510 6000

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is just a 10-minute walk from HK Disneyland. It’s the epitome of luxury, yet it still looks more homey and cozy compared to stunning five-star hotels in Central. 

The daily rates here might make your wallet wince a bit, but let’s be honest – almost everything in Disneyland is overpriced. It’s the cost of magic, they say. 

In terms of amenities, we can say it’s a good choice for those with kids because the hotel features a pool and a Walt Disney-themed garden maze where they can play and have fun. Besides that, it’s also home to famous venues like Crystal Lotus and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. 

Disney Explorers Lodge 

Media Credit: Ashley 


Address: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 3510 6000

Disney Explorers Lodge is a bit far from Hong Kong Disneyland, but it’s still within walking distance (25-minute walk). True to its name, the hotel and its rooms are themed and furnished based on the tropical climates of South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. 

You can spend some leisure time at an indoor play area for kids or relax at the outdoor pool overlooking the sea.

Another thing we like about this hotel is the variety of dining options available inside. Here are some of the onsite restaurants we recommend – World of Color, Dragon Wind, and Chart Room Cafe.  

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 

Media Credit: r_yusella


Address: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Magic Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 3510 6000

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel vibe exudes the glitz and glam of old Hollywood, partnered with the lively ambiance of vibrant Disney decorations. 

Compared to the two hotels we mentioned above, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is relatively cheaper. It’s two kilometers away from the theme park, but guests can take the shuttle bus back and forth from the hotel to the park. 

In the amenities department, the kiddos are in for a treat because the hotel showcases a piano-shaped pool and an expansive grassy area. Moreover, character breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available at one of its onsite restaurants – Chef Mickey. 

Tips and Etiquette to Remember When Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland 

  1. Download the Hong Kong Disneyland app to know the approximate wait time for certain rides and access a GPS-enable map that shows what time and where specific Disney characters will appear. 
  2. Don’t forget to bring your own fans because Disney-branded ones sold inside are a bit overpriced. The theme park can be crazily crowded, and when the humidity cranks up, having a handheld fan is a total game-changer. 
  3.  It’s best to bring some bug spray with you if you plan to stay and explore the park after sundown,
  4. DO NOT feed service animals within the park premises.
  5. If you wish to immortalize your Disney trip with lots of pictures, look for the signage indicating where to pose for the most flattering pics. You can also opt for a photo tour package. 
  6. Comfort is key, so make sure to wear a comfortable outfit and footwear to endure the walkathon you’re about to embark on to explore the theme park. 
  7. Drones, remote-controlled kites, and other flying devices are prohibited inside the park. 
  8. If you want to avoid long queues for your first two to three rides, getting there as soon as the main gates open (usually around 9:15 AM or 9:30 AM) would be best.
  9. There are bag restrictions inside the park, so pack lightly. If you have luggage with you, you have to leave them in a luggage storage offsite. 
  10. Prioritize visiting rides and attractions in the morning and come back later for Disney characters’ meet and greet. The queue to take a single picture with a character can take hours, especially during peak season. 
  11. Grab Fast Passes for rides like Hyperspace Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to avoid long queues. 
  12. The best theme lands for those visiting with their toddlers are Fantasyland and Toy Story Land.  
  13. Most staff inside HK Disneyland carry free stickers with them, and trust me, they’re more than happy to give them away, so don’t be shy and start asking for some when you visit.
  14. If you wish to avoid large crowds, plan your visit during weekdays, ideally between November and April, because these are the idle and most temperate months. 
  15. Create your own ride itinerary to maximize your visit and experience the rides you really want to try. 

FAQs About Hong Kong Disneyland 

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