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Is Hong Kong expensive to visit Here’s the REAL cost of travel here!

Is Hong Kong expensive to visit? Here’s the REAL cost of travel here!

Considering a trip to Hong Kong but not sure how much the whole experience will cost? No worries—we’ve got you covered with today’s breakdown. 

Below, we’ll give you the lowdown on the average costs of flights, accommodation, transportation, food, and other expenses you might incur when you’re in our city. Ready to dive in? Let’s roll with the answers and figures!

Is Hong Kong expensive to visit? 

Visiting Hong Kong is generally expensive. Based on Budget Your Trip’s Asia Travel Cost Rankings, Hong Kong’s travel cost index ranked second among the most expensive countries to visit in Asia, behind the Maldives. 

However, since travel costs are subjective, the overall expense of a Hong Kong trip can still depend on the season and the traveler’s choices—as you’ll see below. 

Average Cost of Flights to Hong Kong

Average Cost of Flights to Hong Kong

Flights to Hong Kong are priced based on

  • where one is traveling from and 
  • the time and season in which the booking is made. 

We used Skyscanner to give examples of the average cost of roundtrip flights to Hong Kong during the low season (March to May) and peak season (September to November).   

Roundtrip Flights Cost of Flights During Low Season Cost of Flight During Peak Season 
Macau to Hong Kong HK$ 2,600HK$ 4,297 
Shanghai to Hong Kong HK$ 1,712HK$ 2,051 
Manila to Hong Kong HK$ 1,044 HK$ 2,025 
New York to Hong Kong HK$ 12,466  HK$ 14,885 
Vancouver to Hong Kong HK$ 7,727HK$ 8,058 

As you can observe above, flights booked during the peak tourist season cost significantly more compared to flights booked during the low tourist season. 

That’s why if you wish to visit during Hong Kong’s peak season, booking flights in advance can let you get better and cheaper prices. 

Average Cost of Accommodation in Hong Kong  

Average Cost of Accommodation in Hong Kong

Based on Statista’s report in 2023, the average rate per night for High Tariff A hotels (luxury to upscale) is HK$ 2,752. 

Meanwhile, the average rate for High-Tariff B Hotels (mid-range to premium) is HK$ 1,325, and the average rate for Medium-Tariff Hotels (budget) is HK$ 860 per night.  

To give you an overview of the best places to stay in Hong Kong, here are some luxury, mid-range, and budget-friendly hotels you can check out. 

Hotel Type Hotels Rate per Night 
Luxury Hotels Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong HK$ 6,067 
The Peninsula Hong Kong HK$ 5,141 
Rosewood Hong Kong HK$ 4,554
Mid-range Hotels Mondrian Hong Kong HK$ 1,671 
Hotel Stage HK$ 1,350 
Cordis Hong Kong HK$ 1,137 
Budget Hotels Regal Riverside Hotel HK$ 572
Starphire Hotel HK$ 568
Best Western Hotel Causeway Bay HK$ 387 

On the other hand, if you’re a solo traveler and you’re not too fussy about where you crash after a busy day of exploring the city, hostels could be your jam. They’re certainly cheaper!

To be exact, the average rate per night for a dorm hostel in Hong Kong is HK$196, while a private room in a guesthouse costs HK$180 per night. 

Here are some budget-friendly hostels you can look into. 

Hostels Rate per Night 
Chung King Mansions (Marrigold Hostel)HK$ 205 
Hop Inn Nathan HK$ 280
Guangdong Guest House HK$ 314
Dragon HostelHK$ 328 
YHA Mei Ho House HK$ 532 

Average Cost of Transportation in Hong Kong

Average Cost of Transportation in Hong Kong

The base fare for a public transportation ride in Hong Kong using an Octopus card is HK$4.40, but the rate increases the farther you go. Meanwhile, a tourist day pass costs HK$55 per day and already covers unlimited travel through all modes of MTR.  

There’s a good variety of options for getting around Hong Kong. If you’re coming from the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), here are the fare costs of each accessible transportation. 

Airport Express Train 

The Airport Express train is an efficient way to explore the city’s districts if you’re coming from the airport. Swing by the station’s counter to purchase a single journey or roundtrip ticket or get QR code tickets online

From HKIA to Smart Ticket (Single Journey / Same Day Return)Octopus Card (Single Journey / Same Day Return)
AdultChildAdult Child
Hong Kong StationHK$ 115HK$ 57.5HK$ 110HK$ 55
Kowloon StationHK$ 105HK$ 52.5HK$ 100HK$ 50
Tsing Yi StationHK$ 70HK$ 35HK$ 65HK$ 32.5

Airport Buses 

Airport buses are accessible at Terminals 1 and 2 of HKIA. These buses are your best option if you prefer a budget-friendly transportation option to explore Central or Tsim Sha Tsui

Here are the routes and fares for airport buses. 

Bus A Routes From HKIA to Fare 
A10Ap Lei Chau Est HK$ 49.7
A11North Point Ferry PierHK$ 41.9
A12 Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)HK$ 47.1
A21 Hung Hom StationHK$ 34.6
A22 Lam Tin Station HK$ 40.8
A23 Tsz Wan Shan HK$ 40.8
A25Kai Tak (Via Tsim Sha Tsui)HK$ 40.8
A26Yau TongHK$ 44
A29 Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam)HK$ 44
A29P Tseung Kwan O Station HK$ 44

Taxi or Uber

Taxis are conveniently available at HKIA’s taxi pick-up area in the Arrivals Hall. However, taxi fares are generally expensive, and the base fare varies depending on the destination. 

Here are the estimated taxi fares to and from HKIA for your reference. 

Destination To/From HKIA 
Hong Kong Disneyland HK$ 140 
Ocean ParkHK$ 326 
Victoria Harbour HK$ 444
Causeway Bay HK$ 340 
Repulse Bay HK$ 380 
Mong Kok HK$ 280
Yau Ma Tei HK$ 270 
Tsim Sha Tsui HK$ 280 

Average Cost for Food and Dining in Hong Kong 

According to Budget Your Trip, the average cost of food in Hong Kong is HK$ 256 per day, and dining out costs an average of HK$ 102 per meal per person. 

However, the overall cost can still differ depending on the traveler’s spending habits. You might save a bit more if you prepare your own meals compared to constantly dining at local eateries, fine dining establishments, or fast-food restaurants. 

Cost of Attractions and Entertainment in Hong Kong 

Cost of Attractions and Entertainment in Hong Kong

Many of Hong Kong’s top attractions are free, as we’ll show you later. However, if you want to dive deep into the city’s popular entertainment venues, you might have to spend anywhere from HK$ 20 (HK Science Museum) to HK$ 600 (HK Disneyland).  

Here’s a breakdown of Hong Kong’s top attractions and their respective admission fees/ticket costs. 

Attractions Admission Fee/Ticket Cost
Hong Kong Disneyland  HK$ 619 
Sky100 Observation Deck HK$ 108 
Hong Kong Palace Museum HK$ 60
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong HK$ 245 
Ocean Park Hong Kong HK$ 388
Ngong Ping 360 HK$ 270 
Hong Kong Observation Wheel HK$ 20 
The Peak Tower HK$ 75 
Noah’s Ark Hong Kong HK$ 198 
Star Ferry Harbour Tour HK$ 200 
Hong Kong Science MuseumHK$ 20

How to Visit Hong Kong on a Budget 

How to Visit Hong Kong on a Budget

So is a Hong Kong trip always expensive? Not if you know what we do!

To that end, here are some handy tips to remember if you plan to visit Hong Kong on a budget.

  1. Book accommodation and flights ahead of time. 

Book flights, accommodation, transportation cards, and even admission tickets to attractions a few months in advance to get better prices and deals. 

Here’s a tip, by the way: if you value accessibility to popular attractions, hotels in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui are prime spots for tourists to stay at. There are some cheap places there!

  1. Buy an Octopus card upon landing. 

As soon as you touch down at HKIA, get yourself an Octopus card at any MTR Customer Service Center in the city. 

This reusable smart card is used to store money for cashless payments in MTR. Tourists can choose between the Sold Tourist Octopus and the On-Loan Octopus. 

The former costs HK$ 39. It has no initial stored value and deposit, so you’ll have to top it up right away. Sold Tourist Octopus cards come in different cute designs and don’t need to be returned, so you can keep them as a souvenir. 

Meanwhile, the On-Loan Octopus card costs HK$ 150. This card comes with a refundable deposit worth HK$ 50, which you can get once you return the card. The remaining HK$100 is the initial stored value of the card, and you can use it right away. 

You can top up the Octopus card at any MTR station or at shops like Circle K, 7-Eleven, Mcdonald’s, and Starbucks. Through this card, you can get discounted fares on the city’s public transport. 

Plus, you’ll just have to tap this card to pay at the stations – no more digging through your bag for loose change! 

Another insider tip: as you can top up as much as HK$3,000, you can use this card for basically everything, including shopping, dining, attractions, entertainment, and more. 

  1. Get to know our local transportation and use an Octopus card with it. 

Our city’s public transportation network is one of its best assets. Whether it’s by MTR, bus, tram, or ferry, every ride and station is easy to navigate, so we can say that public transportation here is very tourist-friendly. 

If you want to skip the long lines and save a bit more, just use your Octopus card!

  1. Look for budget-friendly dining options.  

You don’t have to go broke to eat well in Hong Kong. With a little bit of research and a pinch of patience, you can find hidden gems and even Michelin-starred restaurants offering delectable delights that won’t break the bank. 

If you wish to try a wide range of flavors, including authentic Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, and Western cuisines, make sure to check out the restaurants in these popular food districts – Kowloon, Tai Hang, Tin Hau, and SoHo. 

Meanwhile, if you just want some light snacks or some drinks, just look for pop-up-style restaurants, food stalls, or bars at Sham Shui Po, Mong Kok, and Lan Kwai Fong

  1. Take advantage of the free attractions and activities. 

As we hinted earlier, budget-savvy travelers will have fun exploring Hong Kong because it has a slew of free attractions that appeal to all interests and ages. 

From historic museums and modern art galleries to country parks and promenades, there’s a long list of free activities and entertainment you can enjoy without spending a cent. Here are some of the free attractions you shouldn’t miss: 

  1. Check out local shops and markets. 

For some people, Hong Kong is synonymous with luxury shopping because of all the big-name brands and stores featured in its gigantic shopping malls

However, if you’re more interested in experiencing and exploring the city’s shopping scene like a true local, it’s the street and flea markets you should check out. 

You can start with these popular spots – Ladies’ Market, Temple Street Night, Sneakers Street, and Stanley Market. These street markets burst with tons of options when it comes to clothes,  accessories, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, and so much more at jaw-dropping bargain prices! 

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