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A Local Weighs In Is Hong Kong safe at night

A Local Weighs In: Is Hong Kong safe at night? 

Quick confession: I’ve rarely had to travel in Hong Kong by myself… and mind you, I’ve been here all my life! That being said, I’ve had nothing but safe experiences through all my years in the city.

But is it just pure luck or is Hong Kong really safe? Here are my thoughts as a born-and-bred Hongkonger!

Is Hong Kong safe at night? 

Hong Kong is generally considered a safe city at night, both for tourists and locals. However, it’s always important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings in the city, just as you would in any urban area.

Hong Kong’s Safety: The Numbers

Even when looking at the numbers, Hong Kong is safe, especially at night. Crime rates in the city are quite low, and most of the incidents involve non-violent property crimes.

In 2022, for example, there were 70,048 reported crimes in Hong Kong. Out of these, only 12.6% were violent crimes. The most common violent crime was assault, followed by serious drug offenses and intimidation. 

Theft accounted for 26% of the total reported crimes. The most common type of theft was miscellaneous theft, like small items, followed by shop theft.

The good news is that these crimes rarely affect foreigners. So, no matter how many action movies you’ve watched, you don’t need to worry about your safety too much in Hong Kong.

To put it in perspective, a recent study conducted by Crime Index and Numbeo in 2023 ranked Hong Kong as the 7th safest country out of 144 analyzed worldwide. That’s a testament to how secure the city is.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about walking alone at night, the safety index for this specific activity in Hong Kong is quite high at 75.82, according to Numbeo. This means most locals think it is very safe to walk around the city after dark.

In summary, Hong Kong is not only incredibly safe at night, but it’s also one of the safest places in the world, according to recent statistics. 

The Safest Areas in Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong is indeed a secure destination for tourists, boasting a vibrant nightlife that attracts visitors from around the world. Here, we’ll pinpoint some of the safest and most popular areas for nighttime exploration in the city.

Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

First up, we have Tsim Sha Tsui, or TST for short. It’s a hub of activity with its beautiful waterfront along the “Avenue of Stars.” 

You’ll get breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and the Symphony of Lights show. And if you’re into shopping, dining, and entertainment, Nathan Road is the place to be. 

Plus, rest easy knowing that TST is well-patrolled by the police, making it a safe haven for all tourists.


Right at the heart of Hong Kong is Central, the city’s business and financial district. The streets here are brilliantly lit and heavily patrolled by the police. 

Even late at night, you’ll find plenty of people around, making it not just safe but also lively. Fancy some nighttime shopping, dining, or entertainment? Central has got you covered.

Causeway Bay

If you’re a shopaholic or a foodie, Causeway Bay is your paradise. This area is bustling with activity, especially around Times Square, where dazzling lights and billboards paint the night. 

Even in the late hours, it’s abuzz with people, ensuring a safe and vibrant atmosphere for your nocturnal escapades.

Mong Kok

For a taste of local charm, head over to Mong Kok. This vibrant neighborhood is famous for its street markets, shopping sprees, and delectable street food. 

The Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market are must-visit spots, staying lively well into the night. So, if you’re up for some authentic Hong Kong experiences, Mong Kok is your spot.

The Peak

Lastly, we can’t miss The Peak, offering you mesmerizing panoramic views of Hong Kong. 

Hop on the scenic Peak Tram ride and reach the Sky Terrace for a visual feast. And when you’re done soaking in the views, explore the Peak Tower, where you’ll find restaurants and shops tailored for tourists. 

The Peak is frequented by visitors even in the late hours, creating a bustling yet safe atmosphere for you to enjoy the wonders of Hong Kong at night.

Tips to Stay Safe in Hong Kong at Night

Navigating Hong Kong’s nightlife can be a thrilling experience, but safety should always be a top priority. To ensure your nighttime adventures are enjoyable and secure, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stick to popular areas: Explore well-known nightlife districts like Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, and Lan Kwai Fong, which are frequented by locals and tourists alike. These areas tend to have a vibrant atmosphere and an increased security presence.
  1. Plan your route: Before heading out, plan your route back to your accommodation. Avoid poorly lit or unfamiliar alleys, and opt for well-lit and populated streets.
  1. Use reliable transportation: Choose licensed taxis, recognized ride-sharing apps, or public transportation options like buses and trains. Avoid accepting rides from unknown or unmarked vehicles.
  1. Stay aware of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for your belongings and be aware of the people around you. Avoid displaying expensive jewelry or valuables that might attract unwanted attention.
  1. Be careful of pickpockets: Pickpockets are a common problem in Hong Kong, especially in crowded areas. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to your body.
  1. Travel in groups: If possible, explore with friends or join group tours for nighttime activities. There’s safety in numbers, and it’s reassuring to have others looking out for you.
  1. Stay sober: While enjoying the nightlife, it’s easy to get carried away. However, excessive alcohol consumption can impair your judgment and make you vulnerable. Know your limits and stay in control.
  1. Emergency contact: Always carry a charged phone with emergency contacts saved. Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and the address of your accommodation, making it easier to seek help if needed.
  1. Inform someone: Let a friend or family member know your specific plans for the evening, including where you’ll be and when you plan to return. Check in with them if your plans change.
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