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Your Local Gift Guide Top 8 Gift Ideas in Hong Kong

Your Local Gift Guide: Top 8 Gift Ideas in Hong Kong 

If you’re in the dashing cityscape of Hong Kong, you’ll never have a problem looking for new and unique gifts! Whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones, it’s a total breeze, especially given how many nice things our markets have for that sort of thing. 

In fact, we’ll show you what we mean by that today. Today, we’ll discover the top gift ideas in Hong Kong, as voted for by our staff. And don’t worry: we’ve added links for our best picks too to make your gift shopping easier!    

Our Top Picks for Local and Cultural Gifts 

Traditional Tea Ware and Sets


Where to buy: Specialties Express, HULS GALLERY HONG KONG, MINGCHA  

Price range: HK$ 300 to HK$ 3,000

Best picks: 

Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel Faux Tea SetHK$ 2,388
Sansui Tea Pot and Cups Set HK$ 1,460
Gai Wan Set HK$ 480

Tea drinking is pretty much ingrained in Hong Kong’s traditions and festivals, so it’s a nice and classy gift. If the person you’re giving it to is a tea enthusiast, all the better! 

Plus, tea sets are interesting ornamental objects that can also become part of a prized collection over time. 

However, be aware that teaware sets are expensive, especially if the set is made of porcelain and comes with accessories like trays and infusers. Still, you can find some cheaper ones with still-nice quality if you look around.

Classic Keepsakes (Including Customized Trinkets) 

Media Credit: The Lion Rock Press

Where to buy: The Lion Rock Press, Goods of Desire 

Price range: HK$100 to HK$300

Best picks: 

Hanging Decoration: Hong Kong Star Ferry HK$ 120 
Hong Kong Festive Skyline 500-Piece Jigsaw PuzzleHK$ 280 
Chinese Opera Woman Slippers By Betta, Purple Yu JiHK$ 298 

Perhaps the best way to gift something that represents a slice of Hong Kong to your patriotic friends is to grab the classic keepsakes, which go from trinkets to slippers. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of places to grab those since almost every corner is littered with malls, boutiques, and local retail stalls

Note that a lot of shops also offer personalized trinkets as gifts. But wait. Before you go on a shopping spree, make sure to jot down what you really want to buy so you don’t end up hoarding and amassing a collection of knickknacks!  

Our Top Picks for Culinary Delights 

Fruit Baskets 

Media Credit: Gift Hampers HK

Where to buy: Gift Hampers HK, Rosewood Gift & Hamper, Fruitique 

Price range: HK$500 to HK$3,000

Best picks: 

Fruity Moment HK$ 489 
Fresh Fruit Gourmet Hamper GHK$ 2,385
Classic Fresh Fruit Gift BasketHK$ 968 

Looking for a thoughtful, sweet, and easy-to-find gift? Add classic fruit baskets to your gift list. This is mostly done during the holiday season, but it can also sometimes be more of a get-well-soon present or a housewarming gift. 

Fruit hampers make excellent gifts, especially for people who are not keen on receiving material gifts, because each basket can be customized depending on the receiver’s preferences. Of course, it’s best to include the recipient’s favorite fruits and other healthy snacks and treats

And if you’re feeling a bit extra and you have a budget to spare, it’s also nice to try themed and gourmet fruit baskets. These include a variety of seasonal fruits, premium cheeses, savory nuts, a bottle of sparkling beverages or fine wine, and even flowers and personalized ornaments!  

Gourmet Sweets or Chocolate Hamper  

Media Credit: Paul Lafayet 

Where to buy: Pau l Lafayet, The Gift Hong Kong, La Maison Du Chocolat 

Price range: HK$ 500 to HK$ 1,500

Best picks: 

Macaron Gift BoxHK$ 626 
Delight Gourmet Gift Box HK$ 848 
Effervescence Gift Box 20 ChocolatesHK$ 720 

Whether the recipient has a sweet tooth or you just wish to offer something sweet, giving gourmet dessert or chocolate is a winning gesture. After all, who can resist sweet treats, right? 

Our favorite picks when it comes to this type of gift are the sort of sweets or chocolates that are not something a person would usually buy for themselves. 

For example, a box of chocolate truffles or crème brûlée tart is a great gift for Mother’s Day. These delicacies are simple yet lovely treats to make her day extra special. Meanwhile, on Father’s Day, you can try gourmet treats paired with a nice bottle of whisky, wine, or cognac. 

Our Top Picks for Fashion and Accessories 

Locally Designed Jewelry 

Media Credit: Anthea Cooper Jewellery 

Where to buy: Anthea Cooper Jewellery, Ryder Diamonds, VERE Jewellery   

Price range: HK$ 1,000 to HK$ 40,000

Best picks: 

Floral Escape Malachite Cuff Bracelet – SilverHK$ 1,300
Ryder Signature Halo Stud Earrings FixedHK$ 27,000
Baby Hearts Diamond NecklaceHK$ 23,500

Gifting locally designed jewelry is the perfect option when you want to make a statement. Luckily for you, there are a lot of good jewelry stores here. 

Try going for the ones that can be personalized for an added touch of thoughtfulness. Engraved pieces or charm bracelets are popular options for things like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. 

Local Clothing Brands 

Media Credit: MiliMilu 

Where to buy: MiliMilu, Yeung Chin, Beam Bold 

Price range: HK$ 1,000 to HK$ 3,000

Best picks: 

Women Wrap Summer Dress HK$ 1,080 
Side Open Long ShirtHK$ 1,980 
Lumley Lush Tiered Maxi DressHK$ 1,694 

If you want to give something that your recipient will actually use, why not opt for local clothing brands? Aside from stylish fits, we also included shops with eco-friendly pieces for your pals who love rocking killer outfits while dialing down fashion’s contribution to environmental stress. 

Just remember to go with your recipient’s sense of style and lifestyle. For example, if you plan to give clothes to someone who works outdoors, they’ll probably like receiving sturdy work shirts more than fancy dress pants. 

Our Top Picks for Hobbies and Interests

Arts and Crafts Kits 

Media Credit: Hot Craft Hobby 

Where to buy: Art Land, Hot Craft Hobby, Cotton:On Typo  

Price range: HK$ 50 to HK$400

Best picks: 

Derwent Chromaflow Colour PencilHK$ 144
Woodburning Deluxe SetHK$ 179.27 
DIY Gem Art Kit 20 X 20HK$ 79 

Dropping an arts and crafts kit as a gift to children is like handing over a box of surprises that could potentially lead them to a lifelong hobby. Of course, arts kits aren’t just for the kiddos either: plenty of grown-ups love to unwind and tap into their creative zones. 

The shops we picked offer a variety of options to nourish the skills of your recipient. Whether it’s drawing, painting, pottery, or some complex DIY project, you’ll surely find something in store for them. 

Books by Local Authors 

Media Credit: Bookazine  

Where to buy: Hong Kong Book Centre, Bookazine 

Price range: HK$ 100 to HK$300

Best picks:

Only in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Collection HK$ 129 
Women Who Chase ButterfliesHK$ 188
The Other Side of the Story: A Secret War in Hong KongHK$ 200 

Want to give something that won’t break the bank and is readily available? Books can be your go-to choice! (And just to be clear, it’s not because we’re lazy and stingy, okay?)

Books are great ways to indulge in fantasy and relief. You might say they’re like a ticket to escape and adventure – ones that usually cost less than plane tickets too! 

The bookstores we chose for our top picks here have nicely diverse selections. As for the titles themselves, they’re written by our favorite local authors. Check them out and discover the unique flavor of their stories. 

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