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Blood Test in Hong Kong Where to Get Tested

Blood Test in Hong Kong: Where to Get Tested?

Blood tests are a common and important way of keeping track of your health and well-being, much like how crucial it is to check under the hood of your car to see if everything is in check. 

A quick Google search will point you to hundreds of laboratories and clinics with little to no explanation of their merits. To help you make better decisions, let’s discuss your options in greater detail.

Where can you get blood tests in Hong Kong?

You can get blood tests in Hong Kong from private, public, and non-government clinics and laboratories. 

Private clinics often offer convenient services and quick results at a higher price, while the latter two options are more affordable but often have a long queue. 

Private Clinics

Advantages• Offers more comprehensive services and numerous testing packages
• Usually more convenient and returns test results quicker
Disadvantages• Highly expensive
• Some blood testing packages include tests you don’t need

Private clinics and laboratories usually have a wider range of services and often offer tests in packages that would suit your specific needs. While their most basic check-ups and exams are relatively affordable, their more comprehensive blood tests cost over $1,000.

The Integrated Medicine Institute

The Integrated Medicine Institute
Address13/F & 17/F Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Contact Details+852 2523 7121
[email protected]
Price Range$690 – $4,440

One prime example of a private institution offering blood tests in Hong Kong is the Integrated Medicine Institute. The clinic’s most basic check-up includes a simple blood test that quickly screens for coronary risks, blood glucose, and overall kidney function.

More advanced packages include a complete blood count, inflammation check, liver and renal function, and other screenings. These tests could cost anywhere from $990 to $2,880.

The clinic’s most comprehensive test includes everything mentioned before plus a complete thyroid panel and others. Since this service costs $4,400, you might want to get this exam only when necessary or if you’re concerned about your overall health.

Public and Non-Government Clinics

Advantages• More affordable services
• Tests are usually done separately
Disadvantages• Often less convenient, such as having long queues

Public and Non-Government Organizations also have clinics and laboratories that offer blood tests in Hong Kong. These tests and services are often highly affordable and are usually separated into single services, unlike the test packages you see from private laboratories.

Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
Address and Contact DetailsFPAHK Locations
Price Range$650 – $770

Splendid examples of non-government clinics are those run by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong is a non-profit organization that offers services related to sexual health and family planning, including STD tests and blood tests. 

The FPAHK offers two comprehensive exams that include a complete blood count, liver function test, fasting blood glucose, creatinine, and lipid profiles. 

The only significant difference between the two tests is that the first package looks for Hepatitis B antigens and antibodies, while the other checks calcium, phosphatase, uric acid, vitamin D, and thyroid stimulating hormones.

Compared to private clinics, these blood tests cover mostly the necessities of a health exam. Although affordable, these tests may overlook some diseases and conditions.

Why should I get a blood test?

If you’re feeling ill or going to your specialist for a check-up, you might be required to get a blood test. Blood analyses often reveal numerous things and are a great way to check your physical health.

Blood tests are often used to assess your internal organs’ health, check for signs of infection, and look for specific genetic conditions, sexually transmitted infections, and other diseases. 

They can also be used to check if your medicine is working, diagnose any signs of bleeding, and find other problems before they get worse.

In short, blood tests check virtually everything except your mental health, which is best left to psychologists.

How often should you get a blood test? 

You likely only need to get a blood test once your doctor recommends it, although many health practitioners suggest getting routine blood work annually, especially if you are around age 50 or at risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

Aside from routine blood analyses, you might also want to get tested if you experience persistent symptoms, especially after any activity that involves needles. 

If you feel sick, you should immediately consult your doctor and they will decide whether or not to order a blood test for you.

Of course, this also highlights the importance of keeping safe around needles and practices that involve puncturing your body. As much as possible, get these services from reputable acupuncturists, tattoo artists, and other legitimate businesses in Hong Kong.

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