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Answered What do Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common

Answered: What do Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common?  

Like most people when in travel mode, I can’t seem to help comparing countries abroad to my hometown. Will the food be saltier? Is the weather more humid? Will the shopping experience even compare?

Now eyeing Taipei and Seoul for a vacay, the burning question is, are they at all similar to my beloved Hong Kong? Luckily for you if you have this question too, I’ve done the research to find out.

What do Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common?

What do Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common

What Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common is their status as major East Asian cities known for their economic strength, cutting-edge technological advancements, rich culture, and fashion-forwardness. 

East Asian Cultural Hubs

East Asian Cultural Hubs

These three cities are like cultural treasure troves in East Asia, as you can see below:

Hong KongTaipeiSeoul
Contemporary ArtArt Basel showcases cutting-edge works pushing boundaries and sparking conversations in the art scene.Contemporary art scene is bustling with vibrant displays and exhibitions.Features vibrant contemporary art scenes and exhibitions.
Historical SitesChi Lin Nunnery, a masterpiece of Tang Dynasty architecture, offers a serene escape amidst urban energy.Temples like Longshan and historical sites bring ancient traditions and intricate carvings to life.Temples like Jogyesa stand as sentinels of tradition, showcasing ancient carvings and fragrant incense.
Cultural ExperienceCantonese opera with elaborate costumes and powerful vocals; rich symphonies of dim sum flavors.Traditional puppet shows in Xiahai City God Temple offer glimpses into ancient storytelling; night markets with stinky tofu and scallion pancakes.Nanta drumming’s pulsating beats and acrobatic feats, sizzling Korean BBQ, and fiery kimchi tantalize taste buds.

They have rich art scenes, like Art Basel in Hong Kong, plus vibrant exhibitions in Taipei and Seoul. Each city also has historical sites known to showcase ancient art and traditions.

And when it comes to experiences, it’s a mix of Cantonese opera, puppet shows, and mouth-watering street food. These cities are just bursting with cultural flavor!

Strong Economies

Strong Economies

These cities are economic powerhouses, each with unique areas of strength in Asia’s economic scene.

Hong KongTaipeiSeoul
Economic PowerhouseActs as a financial wizard, bridging East and West. Excels in mega banking and global business connections.Technology hub known for innovations, home to companies like TSMC.Center for big companies dominating various industries such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.
Business DominanceExpertise in trade, deals, and global business interactions.Headquarters for major electronic companies, specializing in tech innovation.Dominance in the market by leading corporations across diverse sectors like electronics, automotive, and shipbuilding.
Commercial ActivityThrives on global trading, financial services, and international business dealings.Focused on technological advancements and innovations in the electronics sector.Flourishing with large corporations spearheading industries like technology, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Think of Hong Kong, Taipei, and Seoul as the big shots in the money game. Hong Kong’s all about global banking and trade, Taipei’s the tech innovation center, and Seoul rules with mega companies like Samsung and Hyundai. 

Tech-Savvy Societies

Tech-Savvy Societies

Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong are like supercharged tech societies, each buzzing with a passion for innovation and technology.

Hong KongTaipeiSeoul
Tech ProwessKnown as a hotspot for Financial Technology (FinTech), leveraging digital innovation in finance.Hsinchu area excels in chip manufacturing, home to companies like TSMC driving tech innovation.Home to tech giants like Samsung and LG, constantly pioneering mobile tech advancements.
ConnectivityBlazing fast internet speed, embracing digital connectivity and financial technology.Strong web connectivity, advancements in online infrastructure, and smooth network connections.Emphasis on providing free Wi-Fi and widespread internet accessibility.
Future TechnologiesShaping the future of finance through FinTech innovations.Focus on smart cities, eco-friendly tech, and sustainable innovations.Exploring robotics, biotech advancements, and emerging technologies.

In a nutshell, Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong are tech-savvy hotspots, united by their remarkable technological advancements and passion for innovation.

Each city has its own tech forte: Hong Kong in FinTech, Taipei in smart cities and eco-tech, and Seoul in robotics and biotech.

But their shared dedication to technological progress makes them digital champions, setting the stage for the future where technology rules.

Excellent Transportation Systems

Excellent Transportation Systems

All three cities are united by their fantastic transportation systems, making it a breeze to get around these bustling cities.

Hong KongTaipeiSeoul
Subway SystemMTR system swiftly transforms from subway to light rail, offering seamless travel experiences.MRT network efficiently covers every part of the city, ensuring comprehensive accessibility.Korail network’s high-speed connections swiftly navigate across city landmarks, ensuring rapid travel.
Bus NetworkLively buses traverse through bustling streets, providing a taste of the city’s vibrant atmosphere.Numbered buses in Taipei guide passengers to various destinations, unveiling hidden gems.Seoul’s double-deckers offer scenic views, turning commutes into enjoyable sightseeing tours.
InclusivityHong Kong’s transport system offers clear signage and warnings, accommodating diverse passenger needs.Wheelchair-friendly MRT stations equipped with ramps and elevators ensure accessibility for everyone.Buses in Seoul are equipped with lowered floors and special seating arrangements for accessibility.
AffordabilityOctopus card in Hong Kong provides budget-friendly access across buses, trains, and more.Taipei’s MRT offers affordable fares and convenient day passes for economical travel.Seoul’s T-money card grants discounts and seamless transfers, enhancing cost-effective commuting.

In Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong, getting around is a piece of cake! Their subways – Taipei’s MRT, Seoul’s Korail, and Hong Kong’s MTR – zip you across town, while their buses add to the city buzz. 

These transport systems are inclusive and easy on the wallet, making city exploration a total joy.

Shopping Paradise for All Tastes

Shopping Paradise for All Tastes

Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong share remarkable similarities when it comes to offering diverse and vibrant shopping experiences, though each city has its own unique fashion scene. 

Hong KongTaipeiSeoul
Fashion SceneCauseway Bay offers luxury brands and diverse fashion choices for various budgets.Ximending district features trendy street fashion and chic accessories.Gangnam district is known for high-end stores and unique boutiques, reflecting quirky styles.
Night MarketsTemple Street Night Market is a haven of bargains and handcrafted items, catering to diverse tastes.Shilin Night Market offers unique souvenirs and local goods.Dongdaemun Design Plaza showcases independent designs and is a hub for unique finds.
Tech FindsMong Kok Computer Centre appeals to gadget lovers, offering a wide array of specialized electronics.Guanghua Digital Plaza is a haven for tech enthusiasts, housing cutting-edge gadgets.Yongsan Electronics Market provides an extensive range of electronics and specialized devices.

As you can see, each city has its own unique fashion scene: Seoul for luxury, Taipei for street chic, and Hong Kong for a mix of everything.

Their night markets are bustling hubs – Taipei’s Shilin, Seoul’s Dongdaemun, and Hong Kong’s Temple Street offer diverse treasures. 

Plus, techies rejoice! Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have electronic havens for gadget lovers.

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