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Discover the 10 Hong Konger-Approved Cycling Routes in Hong Kong

Discover the 10 Hong Konger-Approved Cycling Routes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be known for its lofty skyscrapers and vibrant city streets, but aside from being a popular urban destination, it’s also a mecca for those who want scenic cycling experiences. 

With its varied terrain and breathtaking views, our city offers numerous cycling routes that will leave cyclists in awe. We’d know – a lot of the Happy Hongkonger team members are avid cyclists!

If you want to see our fave routes, you’re in luck. We’ve listed them here (and named them based on what the main draw is for each route).

1. Experience the restaurant and coffee culture at Cheung Chau 


Cheung Chau is a popular island in Hong Kong that locals also call the dumbbell island. This fun nickname came from the shape of the island. 

An iconic image that people usually connect with Cheung Chau is the stunning waterfronts that are crammed with numerous seafood restaurants and fishing boats. Keep an eye peeled for restaurants you might want to try while cycling!

Pro tip:

There’s a thriving coffee scene in the area because of the various cafes that opened in the area in the past years. We actually advise stopping by one of the cafes when you go – order a cup of steaming espresso to help you power your pedals for the rest of the route! 

2. Challenge yourself at Chi Ma Wan Mountain Bike Trail 


Address: Chi Ma Wan Country Trail, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

If you’re an expert cyclist or someone who’s confident in their cycling abilities, this one’s for you. 

Chi Ma Wan Mountain Bike Trail isn’t made for the faint-hearted. While the view is guaranteed to be beautiful, getting through the trail won’t be easy for beginners since the route is rocky and there are quite a few sharp and steep hills. 

However, according to many cyclists who’ve made their way successfully to this challenging trail, it’s worth it. The view is breathtaking and the adrenaline you get from the challenge is exhilarating. 

Pro tip:

Note that the trail isn’t exactly rideable from start to finish. There are some areas where you need to hop off the bike. 

With that in mind, if you want a route that would take you on a continuous journey, it might be better for you to try other options on this list! There are plenty more routes of the same level but with continuous rides, after all. 

3. Take yourself through 7km worth of fun from Fo Tan to Wu Kai Sha


The first stop on this route is Fo Tan, an industrial area in Hong Kong that’s surrounded by the Fo Tan Nullah river. From here, you can follow the route to Wu Kai Sha.

To make the most of your trip to Wu Kai Sha, keep your eyes peeled for signs that will lead you to Ma On Shan. This will take you along the Shing Mun River, one of the stunning sights you’ll see on your journey. 

Another highlight of the trip is the beautiful sight of the ocean as you feel the cool wind on your face. You’ll finish the trip at the Wu Kai Sha Pier after making your way through the 7 km ride. 

It’s quite a long, challenging trip, but resting at the pier will give you your much-needed sense of relief after a tiring workout. 

Pro tip:

If you need to go on a bathroom break, you can stop by Ma On Shan Promenade. There’s also a fitness station in the area that you might want to check out. 

4. Enjoy the highlights of Kowloon Walled City Park 


Contact details: +85227169962

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 6:30 AM to 11 PM 

Kowloon Walled City Park holds a significant value because it tells the story of the Kowloon Walled City that was born in the 15th century until the 80s. Basically, this route is ideal if you’re a history buff. 

This bike route is perfect for beginners too because you can also see a lot of kids cycling in the area. Moreover, it’s safe and you don’t have to worry about incoming traffic! 

Pro tip:

By the way, you also don’t need to own a bike in order to enjoy the biking trail here. There are bikes you can rent in the park itself.  

5. Spend a full day by going to Nam Sang Wai from Yuen Long 


If excitement is what you’re looking for, this might be the route to try next – Yuen Long to Nam Sang Wai. You need at least a full day to complete this route because it goes on for 15 km! 

While it’s quite the distance, the way to get to Nam Sang Wai is relatively easy. You don’t even have to be an expert cyclist to successfully finish this route. All you need is some endurance! 

You’ll start the route at the MTR station near Yuen Long. To get to Nam Sang Wai, you just need to look for the road signs that lead to it. 

A lot of what you’ll see on this route is quite serene, as if taking you out of the vibrant Hong Kong city life entirely. 

Pro tip:

You can rent a bike at the MTR station near Yuen Long so you have the option of not bringing your own bike. 

6. Try an easy to follow route from Tung Chung to Sunny Bay


Previously a fishing village, Tung Chung has now developed into a vibrant neighborhood in Hong Kong. 

Meanwhile, Sunny Bay is almost always packed with tourists, what with Disneyland being just around the corner. That said, the crowds don’t tend to block the actual biking routes, so it’s fine. 

Following the route is quite easy because you just need to follow the train tracks that will take you from Tung Chung to Sunny Bay. 

Since the route is mostly flat paths, beginners will love this relaxing ride. It’s 15 km long though, so be sure to be ready for that kind of distance. 

Pro tip:

You can make an exciting day out of this with several members of the family – Disneyland is at the end of the road, after all.

7. Pedal through different sights of Discovery Bay



Discovery Bay is quite well-known among locals and visitors. It’s one of the top local destinations because it’s considered a resort town. There are a lot of activities you can do in the area as well as numerous sights to see!

By exploring this place with your bike, you’ll get the most out of the experience. The route around the town is quite easy, and it’s a simple thing to stop every now and then to either enjoy the view or to check out a cool restaurant. 

Pro tips:

As we mentioned, there are tons of things to do at Discovery Bay. Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Heard your stomach rumbling? Try great Western dishes at Moofish by Zacks. While their seafood are the top recommended food items on their menu, there are also other dishes to choose from like salads, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, steaks, and more. 
  • If you happen to be traveling with kids, we suggest swinging by Discovery Play Playgrounds. It’s a great way to expose your kids to an exciting outdoor adventure. 
  • Whether you’re a pro or a complete beginner, you’ll enjoy your time at the Discovery Bay Ice Rink. If you really want to know this sport, they’ve hired experts that offer classes you can easily enroll yourself in!

8. Try Hong Kong’s longest cycling route by riding from Sha Tin to Tai Po


With the route being 22 km long, we might as well call this the longest cycling route in this list or in all of Hong Kong for that matter. This is certainly perfect for the adrenaline junkies who like long trips or cyclists who are looking for a challenge.  

So, the trip starts at Sha Tin, where you’ll get a fantastic view of the Shing Mun River. When you get a clear view of the river, you might want to stop for a few minutes and take in the view. 

Pro tip:

As you continue your ride after the Shing Mun River, you’ll finally find yourself at Tai Po. We suggest making your way to the Waterfront Park if you want to see something cool. 

9. Test out your skills at Tai Mo Shan Mountain Bike Route


Contact details: +85224989326

A lot of locals consider Tai Mo Shan Mountain Bike Route one of the best cycling routes in Hong Kong. In addition to that, it’s also a popular hiking trail, so expect to come across people on foot every now and then. 

We find that this route is more suitable for more experienced cyclists, by the way. There are several slopes to get to the top and the way down is an even bigger challenge. 

The downhill route could be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, in fact, so make sure to proceed with caution!

Pro tip:

We’d avoid this route during the rainy season (typically May to September) because it’s more challenging and dangerous when the ground is wet. 

10. Relish beautiful sights at Inspiration Lake


Here’s one for the artists: Inspiration Lake could well be the muse for your next great artwork. This artificial lake that runs for 12 hectares is stunning to say the least.  

The interesting thing is that this place looks awfully isolated despite its proximity to the city. You’ll quickly forget that you’re in somewhere as busy as Hong Kong because this location is tucked inside Lantau Island. 

A few of the highlights while pedaling around the Inspiration Lake are the panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful grassy area you can rest in. Prep your camera for those when you go!

Pro tip:

There are also other activities you can do here like riding the pedal boats or setting up your own picnic. 

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