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10 Great Local Farms to Visit in Hong Kong For the Weekend

10 Great Local Farms to Visit in Hong Kong For the Weekend

There are plenty of ways to spend your weekend in Hong Kong. Strangely enough, a lot of tourists seem astonished when we say a common favorite for locals is exploring the local farms. 

Yes, you heard that right! Farm visits are farly popular among Hongkongers. These are farms where you can pick your own strawberries or feed alpacas. They also offer other fun and educational activities that people of all ages can enjoy. 

Want to try some of them? Ditch the urban jungle for a day or two and check out these 10 local farms for a memorable weekend adventure. 

1. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Address: Lam Kam Rd, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2483 7200

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 9:30 AM to 5 PM (no entry after 4 PM)


  • 12 to 59 years old – HK $50
  • 4 to 11 years old – HK $25
  • Schools, charities, and government groups – HK $25
  • Senior (60 years old and above) – HK $20
  • 4 years old and below – Free

Located at the highest mountain in Hong Kong, the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden stretches as far and wide as 148 hectares. They aim to educate the people about the problems that the planet is currently facing ecology-wise. 

That’s why while you’re here, you can find educational facilities and conservation programs along with vegetable terraces, theme gardens, walking paths, and plenty more. 

The numerous attractions that can be enjoyed here attract a lot of locals and visitors. There are a lot of things to explore like the reptile garden, parrot sanctuary, and cactus greenhouse. 

Pro tips:

  • If you’re going here in a group, you can participate in the treasure hunt you can find on their website to make your trip even more exciting!
  • Our top three favorite attractions here are the Jim Ades Raptor Sanctuary, the Art House, and the Dragon Pavilion and Little Falls. 

The Jim Ades Raptor Sanctuary is home to 8,000 native birds. What we love about this attraction is that you can get a chance to get closer to the birds. Ask the reception how to proceed. 

The Art House, as you can tell, is where you can enjoy an art exhibit and even have the chance to participate in the available workshops. 

The Dragon Pavilion and Little Falls are in a secluded spot with a tranquil ambiance. You can go here last to rest and appreciate the sights. 

2. Zen Organic Farm


Address: Hong Kong, Fanling, 打鼓嶺 坪輋 泥路

Contact details: +852 6692 2671

Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM 

Price: HK $30

Zen Organic Farm is a 250,000 square foot farm that will give you a deeper love for the farm-to-table movement. 

It’s because you’ll get a chance to taste fruits and vegetables that are harvested when they are their most flavourful. Not only that but the farmers at Zen Organic Farm also know when to harvest their produce right when it offers the most nutritional value. 

While there’s an entry price of HK $30, you can exchange it for drinks or produce equivalent to the said value. 

Oh, and here’s a fun fact about this farm: they’re considered the largest greenhouse in Hong Kong! 

Anyway, the most fun we got out of this trip was learning more about the world of farming. It’s truly an eyeopener – which is why we suggest going here with your kids too if you have any. 

Pro tip:

If you’re going here in groups, it’s a must to contact the farm beforehand at the contact number we stated above. Ask for Joey Ng! 

3. Long Ping Strawberry Farm


Address: Hong Kong, Yuen Long, Castle Peak Road (Yuen Long), 117號D.D.A Lot #500&501

Contact details: +852 9251 8926

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 6 PM 


  • Entrance – Fee
  • Fruits – HK $80 per pound

What if we told you that the freshest and juiciest strawberries and grapes are now within your reach? 

That’s thanks to Long Ping Strawberry Farm. Stretching over 200,000 sq ft, this farm has the best weekend activity if you want to get your hands on fresh produce you’re less likely to find in grocery stores.

Moreover, you get to pick your own strawberries and grapes, which we find to be a fun and relaxing activity. Sweet too once you get to eating them!

Pro tip:

If you want to go here to pick some strawberries, it’s best to go from December to April. Meanwhile, if grapes are more of your thing, be sure to be there from September to January. 

4. Go Green Organic Farm


Address: Hong Kong, 元朗錦田四排石村

Contact details: +852 5579 2178

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM 


  • Adult – HK $150
  • Children (3 to 12 years old) – HK $100

One of the highlights of going to Go Green Organic Farm and the one we most enjoyed is seeing and interacting with 4 of their alpacas. 

Moreover, it’s the perfect spot for people who want to enjoy what nature has to offer. There’s plenty of grasslands to explore! 

Anyway, for adults, the HK $150 farm visit package will get you a one-day pass, 2 alpaca plus clawing coins, a farm gift, and other inclusions. 

Meanwhile, the HK $100 farm package for kids will get them things like a one-day pass, a farm gift, entrance to the trampoline, color sand pool, and Lego zone. 

However, do note that the cost for activities are excluded. To see the full price list of each activity, you can head over to their website

A few examples of activities you can do here are fresh apple drink making, DIY organic vegetable planting class, and of course alpaca feeding. 

Pro tip:

You can bring your pets here because they’re pretty pet-friendly. However, make sure to inform the farm beforehand. 

5. Nature’s Harvest


Address: Clear Water Bay Rd, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2723 3126

Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 9 Am to 5 PM 

For family outings, the Nature’s Harvest farm is one of the best options. You can pick your own vegetables and even cook them there. 

Moreover, you can even get cozy and go camping! Sounds like a fun weekend getaway, right?

Anyway, the farm can also host several activities for their visitors like organic farm workshops, DIY herbal teas, and many more. 

We have to say that we enjoyed the DIY herbal tea class the most because it’s the one we got to use even after leaving the farm. 

Pro tip:

If you want to enjoy their produce without visiting their farm, they also do deliveries. Just contact the number stated above! 

6. Tai Tong Organic EcoPark


Address: 11 Tai Tong Shan Rd, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2470 2201

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 6 PM 


  • Activity package (4 activities) – HK $80

If you’re looking for a wide green space to explore, the millions of square feet of land here are just the ticket. Tai Tong Organic EcoPark has its way of making people feel like explorers not only because of its size, but also because of the numerous activities you can do. 

A few examples of fun activities to try are horse feeding, pony ride, large family bicycle, and more. This is perfect for families with kids or companies who are looking for a place to do their team building. 

Pro tip:

If you’re here for hours, you’re bound to get hungry. It’s a good thing that there’s a restaurant on the farm that offers delectable dishes. To check out their full menu, head over to their website

7. 448 Farm


Address: Hong Kong, Yuen Long, 欖堤東路

Contact details: +852 6684 1448

Price: HK $50

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful summer day and you’re out in nature planting flowers, cooking an organic meal, and caring for animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, and the like. 

If this seems like an ideal way to spend your time, then you’re going to love 448 Farm. Located in Yuen Long, a town famous for its nature views, 448 Farm has a lot of fun activities. 

It gave us a taste of what it’s like to live somewhere far away from the city and just relaxing with the animals. We’re in the process of planning our retirement as we speak! Okay, maybe it’s too early for that but it doesn’t hurt to imagine a life out here, right?

Pro tip:

It’s best to inform the farm of your visit beforehand. They tend to accept a limited number of people per day, so you’d want your spot to be ensured!

8. Butterfly Valley


Address: Le Jardin, 8 Fung Yuen Rd, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 6583 5111

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM 


  • Adult – HK $200
  • Child (3 to 12 years old) – HK $150

At the Butterfly Valley, you’ll discover nature’s well-kept secrets. With numerous activities to expose you to new experiences like farming and planting, it’s impossible to leave without a precious educational memory. 

Other activities that people enjoy here are painting wood chimes, making coffee pudding, crafting butterfly pea special drink, and more. 

There’s also a sandbox where kids can play and a cafeteria where you can purchase your own snacks during breaks. Plus the entrance fee for adults includes an entry to the swan boat where you can enjoy the pond, a DIY butterfly painting session, and more. 

Pro tip:

The Butterfly Valley is also a nice sightseeing spot. While there’s a lot to see, we recommend the Flowers Sea the most, especially if you like seeing tons of flowers. 

9. STK Farm


Address: Hong Kong, 沙頭角沙頭角公路石涌凹段60號 沙頭角沙頭角公路石涌凹段60號

Contact details: +852 2655 9661

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM 

STK Farm, or the Sha Tau Kok farm, is a place that not a lot of tourists and visitors know about. However, that doesn’t mean you should skip this one. 

In fact, this means less crowds, which is always a plus. It’s also one of the biggest farms in Hong Kong, so you can appreciate the serene ambiance in the middle of what seems like endless greenlands. 

There are plenty of outdoor activities you can indulge yourself in while you’re here – like caring for animals and farm planting. 

Moreover, the dishes served at their restaurant are quite delicious, so make sure to try them while you’re here! 

Pro tip:

If you’re a fan of sweets, make sure to check out the chocolate shop by the exit. All of what they sell is handmade in Hong Kong!

10. Holiday Farm


Address: Hong Kong, 上水大隴坑村62C號舖

Contact details: +852 2668 4055

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 8 PM 

Price: HK $150

Holiday Farm has been around for years, but we find that they have maintained their quality all throughout. People who visit here choose this farm because of the exciting activities they offer like riding a rickshaw, breadmaking, and seeing exoting animals up close. 

Moreover, the farm will plan the activities for you so everything is scheduled to maximize your visit. To see more information about the activities, make sure to check their website

Pro tip:

You have different lunch options to choose from while you’re here. You can barbecue (which takes 2 ½ hours), bring your own packed lunch, or buy something from there. 

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