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Hong Kong’s 14 Best Short Hikes Every Hiker Can Conquer

Hong Kong’s 14 Best Short Hikes Every Hiker Can Conquer  

Looking for short hikes in Hong Kong? We have just the thing, because the trails we’ve found here are among the most interesting (and in some cases, even easy) ones available!

So, if you’re ready, lace up your hiking boots and let’s check out these 14 short hikes anyone can conquer. 

1. Lamma Island Family Walk Trail


As the name suggests, the Lamma Island Family Walk Trail is perfect for families who are looking to go on a hike as a form of bonding. It’s easy and fairly quick to finish since it only goes on for 5 km. 

Moreover, there’s a striking view up ahead so the kids would be thrilled with their new discovery! 

Since this trail is also known as the way from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan, expect to see local villages, beautiful beaches, and an interesting cave that is said to have seen World War II.  

Pro tip:

There are quite a few interesting things to see as you go through the trail, so feel free to make detours! 

2. Lantau Peak


Since Lantau Peak is considered the second-highest peak in Hong Kong, people don’t expect that it also offers a quick 2.5 km trail. 

That said, do note that it’s not the easiest trail out of the bunch because most of the path is quite steep – definitely a challenge for complete beginners.

The pay off would be absolutely amazing, at least, as the view at the top is insanely gorgeous! It would certainly be enough to motivate anyone.  

Anyway, this route is the one from Pak Kung Au – the one right off the bus stop! Make sure to note this because there are a lot of trails to Lantau Peak, each varying in difficulty.  

Pro tip:

Since you’re looking for something easy, do stay away from the West Dog’s Teeth Ridge route. While fairly safe, it’s considered one of the hardest hikes in Hong Kong because of steep inclines and paths that would require you to do some rock climbing. 

3. Victoria Peak Circle Walk 


The Victoria Peak Circle Walk is probably one of the most famous trails in Hong Kong, especially for visitors. It’s fairly easy and the top offers a view of the iconic Hong Kong skyline. 

In fact, we often see children, elderly people, and other avid hikers with their fur babies here. You take the tram all the way to the top, which will make the entire walk worth only 4km! That doesn’t sound bad, right? 

Pro tip:

Once you alight from the tram, you’ll see two big malls offering a lot of shopping opportunities. Since you don’t want to have shopping bags on your arms when you go up, we suggest leaving the shopping for when you get back down.  

4. Ping Shan Heritage Trail


Here’s something a little bit different! If you’re up to an interesting historical walk, we suggest trying the Ping Shan Heritage Trail. 

It’s almost a 2 km walk, which also takes you on a trip to Hang Mei Tsuen, Hang Tau Tsuen and Sheung Cheung Wai. This means you’ll see villages that are centuries old and reveal the lives of clan settlers in 13th Century Hong Kong. 

Pro tip:

Fuel up along the way by stopping by Mrs. Tang Cafe. They’re most famous for their pineapple butter bun with tomato and egg!

5. Rhino Rock Trail


Address: Wong Ma Kok Rd, Stanley, Hong Kong

If cool rock formations interest you, you’ll like the Rhino Rock Trail. As you’d expect, it got its name from the rock formations that look like a rhino’s head. 

Once you reach the end of the trail, you’ll be greeted by a stunning ocean view. With the trail being only 1 km long (20 to 30 minutes), we can say it’s definitely worth it. 

Oh, and it’s also a forgiving path, so hiking newbies will love this one.

Pro tip:

There’s also another hiking trail nearby called the Violet Hill. If you think you need a challenge, we suggest going there after Rhino Rock.

6. Garden Hill


Garden Hill is one of the places we’d like to recommend to those who want to watch the sunset. In fact, this is one of the things that’s made this trail famous. 

Aside from that, the way up is quick and easy. All you need is to take 15 minutes of your time walking to be blessed with an amazing view of the sunset and the nearby buildings. 

Pro tip:

Don’t be too quick to leave after the sun goes down. We find that the view of twinkling city lights could easily rival the sunset. 

7. Jardine’s Lookout


For such a short hike (3.5 km), Jardine’s Lookout gives you a pretty killer view. 

And while it’s a bit longer than the other short hikes on this list, this one’s arguably one of the easiest. There are a lot of signs along the way and the path is quite safe and well-maintained. 

It’s an easy, no-fuss adventure perfect for any type of hiker!

Pro tip:

If you’re getting here by bus, you’re going to end up somewhere near the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir. Surprisingly, you’ll see a lot of interesting marine life here, particularly turtles swimming around. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to make this little detour!

8. Red Incense Burner Summit


Address: Hong Kong, North Point, 金督馳馬徑

The Red Incense Burner summit is a short and easy hike with a beautiful view at the end. It offers generous unhindered views of the Hong Kong skyline, specifically Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and more. 

This is perfect for those who don’t really want to break a sweat, but would like the same reward as you can after hiking for hours. 

Pro tip:

We suggest starting your hike during the afternoon and staying until sundown. The sunset views here are amazing!

9. Sharp Peak 


Considered the sharpest peak in Hong Kong, the Sharp Peak isn’t really short… That is, if you don’t pick the right route. 

Normally, the hike stretches for almost 15 km. However, when you take the ferry to Chek Keng and start your hike there, it’s just 2.2 km up! 

The difference is massive, much like the journey between both routes. The easier one doesn’t guarantee scenic views to the top. 

That said, you’ll still experience the best of what Sharp Peak has to offer. With that in mind, the easier route is worth it considering you’ll get to see a clear ocean view that seems to go on forever! 

Pro tip: 

If you can feel your tummy rumble in the middle of your hike, you can always stop by at the small restaurants around the Ham Tin Beach and Wai Tan Beach. 

10. High West Peak 


There are different ways to get to the High West Peak. However, the quickest one would be starting off from Victoria Peak. It stretches only 1.8 km, which will take less than an hour to finish. 

The hardest part of this route (for us, at least) is the long flight of stairs that you need to climb. Other than that though, everything will be smooth sailing!

At the summit, you’ll see almost all of the heart of Hong Kong! 

Pro tip:

A lot of hikers love going here during the sunset. In fact, you’ll find that golden hour up to sundown is the busiest time at the High West Peak. There’s nothing really bad about that however, if you want to avoid crowds, do plan accordingly!

11. Devil’s Peak Hike 


Don’t be fooled by its name. The Devil’s Peak isn’t some long, treacherous hiking route that promises several challenges along the way. In fact, it’s only 3 km long, which means it takes only about an hour to get to the end. 

However, this isn’t one for those who are solo hikers afraid of passing through eerie cemeteries and abandoned structures. If that’s no problem for you, though, then check out this hike!

And even if you’re a little wary, the promise of getting clear panoramic views of the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon from up above might be enough for you to muster up some courage. 

Pro tip:

Although this may seem a crazy idea since the start of the hike has an eerie vibe to it, we suggest checking out the sunset views the Devil’s Peak has to offer. 

12. Little Hawaii


Considered one of the easiest waterfall hiking trails in Hong Kong, Little Hawaii is not one to be missed! It took us about an hour to finish this trail while stopping a few times along the way to take photos. 

Most of the paths are flat, so it shouldn’t be much of a challenge. However, there are eventually areas that are downhill, which might be challenging when the soil is wet from rain. So, try to go on a clear, sunny day!

Pro tip:

Here’s some good news: dogs are allowed in this area and there are even some areas where you’re allowed to take them off the leash! 

13. Brick Hill


For the views that Brick Hill offers, it’s quite surprising that the full hike only takes an hour. The only real challenge here is in the stairs.

There’s a particular section of the hike where it’s purely stairs for about 500 meters. That said, this is the hardest part of the hike. Once you get through it, the rest should be quite easy. 

At the top, the beautiful views of Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau, and Deep Water Bay will welcome you as you catch your breath. 

Pro tip:

Before starting your hike, you should be able to come across Nam Long Shan Cooked Food Market.Since we consider this one of the best food markets in Hong Kong, start your trip with an empty stomach and stop by here before you start making your way to Brick Hill. There are tons of Thai restaurants here that can whip up mouthwatering dishes! 

14. Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail


The Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail promises a different kind of adventure. It’s an interesting hike that will give you a glimpse of Hong Kong during World War II. 

The Pinewood Battery used to be the main defense against the Japanese troops. Now, people go here to see the ruins from Hong Kong in the 40s. 

It’s short and easy and will take no longer than 30 minutes. You can allot a few extra minutes to enjoy the views, with a few stops to take photos. 

Pro tip:

Walk for an hour and you’ll find yourself at The Peak, another famous hiking trail in Hong Kong!

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