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Thrills and Chills How does Hong Kong celebrate Halloween

Thrills and Chills: How does Hong Kong celebrate Halloween?

When folks ask about their top holiday, Christmas often steals the show. But not for this horror movie buff! 

For me, it’s the countdown to Halloween that sets my heart racing faster than a classic slasher flick. Not to mention the fact that I love Halloween in Hong Kong. It’s just special and has been ever since I was a little girl!

You may ask: how do we do it here? Sit back, relax, and get your popcorn – I’ll let you in on it!

How does Hong Kong celebrate Halloween?

How does Hong Kong celebrate Halloween

Hong Kong celebrates Halloween through a fusion of Western customs and local flavors, catering to everyone from thrill-seeking spooksters to families in search of festive fun.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorations

Pumpkin Carving and Decorations

Halloween here kicks off with some seriously awesome pumpkin action. Everyone gets in on the action with epic pumpkin carving contests. Picture community centers and malls turning into pumpkin central – you can’t even tell apart pumpkins from people anymore!

As early as September, Halloween decorations will actually start appearing on the streets of Hong Kong. Homes in spots like Repulse Bay and expat neighborhoods transform into spooky wonderlands. 

That’s how we roll in Hong Kong – starting off Halloween with a bang, lots of pumpkin carving, and turning our neighborhoods into spooky hotspots!

Costume Parties

Costume Parties

In Hong Kong, Halloween costume parties are an absolute blast. Folks here take it up a notch, hitting places like Dragon-I, Ophelia, or the lively bars in Lan Kwai Fong – they’re the go-to spots for epic Halloween shindigs!

Now, let me tell you, it’s not your usual dress-up affair. Hong Kongers bring their A-game with costumes inspired by movies, pop culture icons, or classic Halloween characters. Plus, you get DJs spinning tunes to go with the spectacular costume competitions. 

Street Parties

Street Parties

Picture bustling districts like Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo, and Causeway Bay coming alive with costumed partygoers! They close off streets, turning them into pedestrian-friendly zones during the Halloween season.

In these areas, people in jaw-dropping costumes strut their stuff. And the decorations? They don’t hold back! Pumpkins, cobwebs, and spooky lighting turn the whole area into a haunted wonderland. 

Plus, food stalls line the streets, offering Halloween treats and themed cocktails that’ll make your taste buds scream with delight. Nothing scarier than the thought of tomorrow’s hangover!

Shopping and Retail Promotions

Shopping and Retail Promotions

Besides parties, the whole city gets in on the Halloween fun too through shopping promos (my favorite!). In particular, places like Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui turn into Halloween shopping spots. 

Malls and shopping districts come alive with Halloween-themed sales you wouldn’t want to miss! Imagine scoring some killer deals on spooky-themed merchandise – if you’re up to working against big crowds, that is.



Now, when it comes to trick-or-treating in Hong Kong, it’s a bit different from the classic doorstep candy quest you might be familiar with. 

Certain neighborhoods, like Discovery Bay and Sai Kung, welcome trick-or-treaters. Instead of hopping from house to house, trick-or-treaters visit even participating shops and restaurants.

Actually, even malls here host events where trick-or-treating is just a part of many themed activities. You have to sign up for most of these, however, as they’re controlled events with specific costume themes and rules.

Spooktacular Festivities at Hong Kong’s Amusement Parks

Spooktacular Festivities at Hong Kong's Amusement Parks

Even our amusement parks join the fun! Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park take the lead, creating an otherworldly Halloween experience you won’t soon forget. 

At Hong Kong Disneyland, for example, get ready for a mash-up of enchantment and mischief. It’s a hauntingly fun party with hair-raising celebrations, spooky parades, and rides that take on a whole new thrilling dimension. 

Meanwhile, Ocean Park is where the scares intensify! Enter haunted houses that’ll send shivers down your spine: dark passages, terrifying creatures lurking, and non-stop thrills. 

And guess what? Even their Water World transforms into a Halloween extravaganza – which will probably give you a heart attack if you’re deathly afraid of water (wish I was kidding!).

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