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5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Hong Kong

5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Hong Kong

Here’s the thing – wherever you are in the world, the closer you are to the city, the more expensive living becomes. The same thing goes for Hong Kong, that’s why places near the Chinese border or the outlying Islands tend to be more pocket-friendly.

I live in the heart of HK and I must say, the prices here are quite steep! But don’t worry – there are also affordable places to live in Hong Kong too, as I’ll prove today.

New Territories

New Territories' Homepage

The New Territories offer a distinct lifestyle compared to the bustling urban pace associated with Hong Kong. Think expanses of greenery, open sea vistas, and significantly reduced living expenses.

Many residents are drawn to the New Territories’ larger homes, cheaper rents, natural beauty, and relaxed vibe.

Places like Tai Po and Yuen Long are cheaper than most think, with housing prices ranging from HK$10,000 to HK$15,000 per square foot. 

The Outlying Islands, such as Lantau and Lamma, also have more affordable housing, around HK$8,000 per square foot.

But keep in mind that imported goods here might cost a bit more. However, you can find good deals at local markets, which is the same for any region in Hong Kong.

The main downside is the long commute, though the subway expansion has made travel quicker lately. Taxis are an option, but they can be expensive.

For fun activities, local experiences like eating at street food stalls (“dai pai dongs”) are affordable entertainment options.

Wan Chai

Wan Chai's Homepage

Located right in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, Wan Chai provides rental opportunities that are more wallet-friendly for those managing a tighter budget. While the living spaces may be compact, choosing to live here allows you to immerse yourself in the city center without putting excessive pressure on your wallet.

In Wan Chai, dining out, round-the-clock shopping, diverse markets, and entertainment venues can be a bit pricey. However, effective budgeting can easily manage these expenses. This is totally possible given that you don’t have to shell out a lot in accommodation.

Renting an apartment comes in at an average of HK$7,200, surprisingly cheaper compared to many spots in the New Territories. 

The thing is, while the New Territories are more tucked away, Wan Chai plants you right in the bustling heart of Hong Kong. And that’s a plus if that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

Also, Wan Chai is a gold mine for short-term rental options. There’s a plethora of choices that cater to different budgets and preferences, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

North Point

North Point's Homepage

This area is an excellent choice for immersing yourself in a culture that values local traditions over flashy modern shopping malls. It’s the spot to explore local markets, discover unique dining experiences, or simply soak in the vibrant community atmosphere.

Families seeking a peaceful haven with convenient connections to central Hong Kong can find a balanced lifestyle in North Point  – all without breaking the bank. 

Studio apartments start at a manageable HK$8,000 to HK$9,000, and groceries range from affordable wet markets to pricier supermarkets. 

Public transportation options like the MTR (HK$12 for a single trip to Central) or buses (HK$5) help keep commuting costs down. 

For entertainment, Victoria Park offers free green spaces. There’s an array of cafes and restaurants catering to various tastes, from local hawker stalls to upscale dining. 

While not as bustling as Central’s trendy nightlife scene, North Point offers a relaxed atmosphere with family-friendly vibes. This makes it an appealing choice for those who value affordability and a strong sense of community.

Kowloon City

Kowloon City's Homepage

Embracing an authentic and vibrant local scene, Kowloon City offers a departure from Central’s luxurious and trendy vibes. Renowned for its affordability, convenient accessibility, and bustling atmosphere, it stands as an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic yet budget-friendly lifestyle.

In Kowloon City, affordability shines bright. Studios ranging from HK$8,000 to HK$9,000 rival those in North Point and offer a more budget-friendly option compared to Central’s pricier accommodations. 

Grocery prices follow suit, with reasonable rates in lively wet markets and conveniently located supermarkets. Plus, the ease of accessing MTR trains and buses to bustling areas like Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui makes commuting a breeze. 

Yet, Kowloon City isn’t solely about affordability – you’ll love the food culture here too. 

Street food vendors dish out local flavors, cozy local eateries provide delicious temptations, and the bustling markets and traditional shops add a lively charm. Quite distinct from Central’s more polished environment. 

In essence, if you’re seeking convenience, affordability, and a glimpse into the heart of Hong Kong, the lively energy of Kowloon City might just offer the perfect blend away from the pricier, tourist-focused lifestyle.

Sham Shui Po 

Sham Shui Po's Homepage

Set just north of Boundary Street, Sham Shui Po embraces its blue-collar roots, making it a neighborhood rich in simple pleasures. Here, you’ll find a unique charm, offering a distinct blend of affordability and authentic local vibes that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Living in Sham Shui Po offers a budget-friendly lifestyle compared to pricier districts. 

Here, rents are notably lower, starting at around HK$3,500 for studios and HK$7,000 for two-bedroom apartments. 

The cost of groceries, transportation, and dining is also more pocket-friendly, with street food options available for under HK$20. 

However, this affordability may involve compromises. Housing options might be smaller and cramped, particularly in subdivided flats. Plus, the district might lack the glitz and modern amenities found in trendier areas. 

Yet, for those on a tight budget seeking a lively and authentic working-class atmosphere, Sham Shui Po could be an ideal choice.

Additionally, Sham Shui Po pulsates with a vibrant street life, representing a bustling working-class community. While it might not boast the sleekness of Central or the allure of Causeway Bay, it possesses its own unique charm and character. 

All in all, if you appreciate a lively atmosphere and don’t mind residing in older buildings, Sham Shui Po might resonate with your preferences, especially if affordability is a top priority.

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