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The Top 25 Hong Kong Brands Worth Checking Out

The Top 25 Hong Kong Brands Worth Checking Out 

Because of how easily accessible contemporary brands are in the city, Hong Kongers are experts at looking their best at all times. Of course, this includes local brands that are making waves even on international waters. 

Most of them even aim for sustainability, which is why you’ll see the logo of a hopping rabbit plastered on almost every skincare and beauty product from here! 

Anyway, there’s no shortage of great local brands to try if you’re eager to see what Hongkongers like us can bring to store shelves, so to speak. Check out our picks for the top rising local brands below!

1. INUF Breakfast Club


INUF, which stands for I Never Use Foundation, is a beauty brand that aims to make their products as sustainable as possible. 

Aside from not having any negative effects on the environment, they’re also cruelty-free and toxic-chemicals-free. 

A few examples of their top-selling products are the beyond-honey mask and their rich foam cleanser, both of which are highly recommended by most of our staff! 

If you want something good for the skin and for the earth, give INUF Breakfast Club a shot.  

2. WULT (Woke Up Like This)


Woke up Like this (or WULT for short) is a local beauty brand created by Jenn Lam and Tawnia Lai, two popular influencers in the city. 

This brand aims to promote confidence by helping improve skin with natural ingredients like fruit and vegetable extracts. 

Aside from their numerous skin care options that offer satisfying results, they also have makeup products like the sheer dab (gloss), sunfluff (tinted moisturizer), and mineral concealer. 

If there are two things to describe WULT products as a whole, we’d go for simple and convenient due to how easy they are to work with! 

3. Purearth


Purearth’s skincare products are concocted with ingredients that are sourced ethically, either through fair trade, sustainable wild harvesting, or organic cultivation. 

These valuable botanicals are obtained from female farmers and grassroots producers located in the high altitude Himalayas. Needless to say, they go far and beyond to find extraordinary ingredients that effectively benefit your skin!

4. Zero Yet 100


It’s hard to find a natural deodorant that actually does the job. That’s why even if you’re looking for something safer and healthier, you tend to go back to your usual just because it works so much better. 

It’s a good thing Zero Yet 100 is here to change the game. They introduced eco-friendly deodorants that are natural, sustainable, and of course, effective. You don’t have to reapply your deodorant in the middle of the day. 

Regardless of your preference for spray, stick, or cream, you have the freedom to choose too. 

And to stick to their sustainability efforts, their all-natural deodorants are packaged in environmentally-friendly materials. 

5. Natasha Moor Cosmetics


Natasha Moor Cosmetics’ main goal is to help empower anyone who uses their products. 

With liquid lipstick shades named after inspiring words like unstoppable, game changer, and conquer, you can already have a grasp on the underlying message they want to put out. 

Aside from the liquid lipstick’s fantastic formula (long lasting yet non-drying – a rare combo!), we were also mesmerized by their black mascara. 

It comes in a luxurious tube that looks like a small chunk of a gold bar. It’s water-resistant, so it doesn’t smudge even during the humid Hong Kong summers. 

6. Popstar Cosmetics


Popstar Cosmetics is the perfect blend of youthful and creative. If you scroll through their Instagram feed, you’ll see different makeup artists pull off this makeup brand’s products with the most imaginative looks. 

We love experimenting with makeup here at Happy Hongkonger and Popstar Cosmetics provides the perfect opportunity to do that. 

With products like their mousse eyeshadow and xtreme lacquer, it’s impossible to not feel tempted to go outside your comfort zone!

7. Native Essentials


Native Essentials was established over twelve years ago by its founder, Daniela. Ever since then, the brand has offered a range of skincare products that are made with native plants. 

They began with the creation of a skin repair oil, blending the comforting scent of rosehip from their homeland, Italy, with lavender sourced from a farm they visited during their time in New Zealand. 

Now, Native Essentials has evolved into a comprehensive collection of fourteen top-quality products a lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on.  

This plant-based skincare line is built on the principles of sustainability, using the finest botanical ingredients and integrating green technology. 

With nothing more than a strong passion and a dream, Native Essentials has grown from its founder’s humble kitchen to become a brand that offers high-performance skincare products. 

8. Bathe to Basics


True to its name, Bathe to Basics has simple yet effective products for their consumers. We find them one of the least intimidating brands, making them perfect for beginners who want to dabble in skin and body care. 

Not only are the products packaged neatly and plainly, but the ingredients are pretty simple as well. We always appreciate an uncomplicated, no-fuss brand that focuses solely on its effectiveness. 

Our favorite Bathe to Basics product is their Basic Facial Oil – Youth Preserving. With a price tag of HK $328, it’s on the pricier side. However, it really does make our face glowy! 

9. Coconut Matter 


Coconut Matter immediately earned a marvelous reputation in the local beauty community because of their products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and plastic-free – and shipped fresh! 

By being shipped fresh, we mean that they make their products in smaller batches to ensure that you enjoy the quality of your purchase to the fullest.

What people rave about are their virgin coconut oil (really effective makeup remover) and their all-natural deodorant. Try those!

10. Nude Story 


Nude Story is a premium handcrafted skincare brand established in Hong Kong in 2016. They use the healing power of herbs and aim to blend aroma, herbal remedies, health science, and beauty to their holistic methods. 

They aim to focus on providing natural, high-performance skincare options that are free from proven or suspected toxic ingredients.

The brand has successfully assisted numerous individuals in addressing various skin issues such as dryness, allergies, eczema, rosacea, and acne-prone skin. 

If you have any skin concerns like what we stated above, they might have something for you that would help solve it. 

11. KRSV


KRSV is a clothing brand created by Anastasia Krasavtseva, a designer from Russia. By living in Hong Kong for more than a year, the remarkable local beaches helped shape her first collection. 

Anyway, the goal of KRSV is to not only make women feel beautiful, but for garments to also fit them like a glove. She does this by bringing plenty of attention to each piece and designing them individually. 

Each piece of clothing from this clothing brand is also designed to fit the humid heat of Hong Kong. They’re very comfortable!

12. EDIT


The clothing brand EDIT is all about expressing zest with minimalism. This idea manifests through simple fabrics and style with added drama, making it fun yet perfect for everyday wear. 

They like exaggerating with the use of balloon sleeves and adding a tier to dresses in the chicest way possible. From first dates to dinner parties, from business meetings to brunch with friends, EDIT can help you build a versatile wardrobe by adding fun and life to your closet. 

13. Róu So


If building the perfect capsule wardrobe is what you’ve been meaning to do, Róu So knows the exact trick to that. 

By creating sustainable clothing pieces (in recycled and natural-fibre) that are easy to pair with any existing items you might have, they give you a chance to be effortlessly stylish without worrying about fast fashion’s carbon footprint. 

Usually, brands like this come with a hefty price tag. However, Róu So is the exact opposite. In fact, their pieces are quite affordable, with dresses you can get for as cheap as HK $80. 

Additionally, unlike most fashion brands, they have sizes from XS to XXL, making them more size inclusive than most. 

14. Sau Lee


Sau Lee is one of Hong Kong’s homegrown brands that has garnered attention abroad and has even made it to Revolve, Saks Fifth Avenue, and plenty more retailers. 

The brand celebrates femininity with glamorous pieces that can help anyone enhance their elegance. While most of their pieces are best worn during special occasions because of their extravagance, they also have dresses anyone can pull off for their everyday look. 

15. Parallel 51


A lot of people in Hong Kong live a very fast paced lifestyle. Which is why we consider Parallel 51 every Hong Konger’s dream brand. 

Their garments are crafted with sustainability, versatility, and flexibility in mind. It’s easy to play around with their pieces because it doesn’t require much effort to do so. 

With everything they create, they manage to combine the professionalism of workwear and the coziness of casual wear. 

16. Love From Blue 


Love From Blue is another clothing brand that focuses on bringing more environmental consciousness while playing with knit. 

You have to pre-order any piece you want to purchase because it’s their way of making sure nothing ever goes to waste. Because of this, each garment is also a limited edition. 

If you purchase from Love From Blue, it’s like bringing home a piece of modern art with you. How beautiful is that? 

17. Basics For Basics


Basics for Basics is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand that prioritizes ethical practices. 

Throughout their production process, the company emphasizes the creation of products with meticulous attention and fair treatment of their employees. 

While their products are on the pricier side, they’re staples that are meant to last you forever. They primarily concentrate on minimizing their environmental impact with the use of surplus fabrics, organic cotton, and other sustainable materials. 

18. WEAT (We Eat Avocado Toast) 


If you’re tired of the same minimalist pieces and want to make a statement, you’d love WEAT. 

Also known as We Eat Avocado Toast, this brand aims to provide stylish handbags and accessories for the modern Hong Konger. 

Not only are they cute, but functional as well! WEAT is the special ingredient you’re looking for if you want to add pizzazz to your outfits. 

19. Lane Eight


Lane Eight offers sustainable workout shoes that are meant to be versatile. Whether you’re going for a quick jog along Avenue of Stars or you plan to do a HIIT session at the gym, you’ll love moving in them! 

They come in different kinds, so you’re bound to find something that best suits your style and needs. No matter what you choose, you’ll get comfort and style at the same time! 

20. Tove & Libra


Tove & Libra was born from a strong conviction that fashion can be produced and embraced conscientiously, finding a harmony between aesthetics and responsibility. 

Recognizing the scarcity of genuinely sustainable choices in the fashion industry, the founders decided to use their knowledge to establish a women’s clothing brand. 

By offering stylish, exemplary crafted, comfortable, and sustainable garments, their purpose is to revolutionize fashion, benefiting not only your wardrobe but also the Earth. 

21. Good Day


The local brand Good Days was established with the mission of providing individuals with high-performing activewear that will ignite their motivation to engage in physical activity. 

Whether it’s running, hiking, performing squats or dances, or indulging in yoga, Good Days encourages individuals to move their bodies and experience the joy that comes along with it.

In addition to their emphasis on individual well-being, Good Days also strives to create a brand that is inclusive and accessible to all. 

This is why they also aim to make their products affordable – to ensure that anyone can enjoy the benefits of ethical and sustainable activewear. 

22. Frequent Flyer


If it’s a travel bag you need, it’s the Frequent Flyer you need to check out. 

This homegrown brand offers the perfect companion every traveler needs. You’ll be able to easily fit all your essentials into one stylish yet functional bag. 

In recent years, Frequent Flyer has also started creating apparel. They now offer basic graphic tees as well as sophisticated boat shoes. 

23. Broken Fingers


There’s something poetic about the brand name Broken Fingers. When asked how they came up with it, they mentioned how carefully handcrafted goods always come with a broken finger. 

It tells a lot about a craftsman’s sacrifice for the art and for the consumer. 

Which is why when you see their handbags up close, the attention to detail is outstanding. They source their leather from Italy and France, which is where well renowned brands also get their leather. 

But of course, even the most high quality of raw materials would be nothing without someone talented to shape it. Broken Fingers is where art is born. 

24. Niin


Niin introduces stylish jewelry pieces that would immediately upgrade any outfit. 

It’s sustainable, which is why they say that each peace comes with positive energy. They love bringing in raw materials and making them shine without changing its natural beauty. 

The material they incorporate into each design all has a deeper meaning behind it. For example, quartz means awakening and wood means grounding. 

25. Fashion Corner Plus 


It’s no secret that there’s a lack of diversity in the fashion world in terms of sizes available. This brand seeks to address that.

Their sizes run from UK 10 to 28. For an Asian brand, that’s extremely revolutionary. Not many local brands go to these lengths. 

Their garments are stylish and flattering. And by flattering, we don’t mean loose-fitting tops to hide that gorgeous bod! No, we actually mean that they’re meant to show off your shape! 

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