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Where do expats hang out in Hong Kong

Where do expats hang out in Hong Kong?

This article came about due to a friend of mine. She’s been planning to settle here in Hong Kong for business, already has plans, and has even secured a decent apartment. However, there’s been one important thing she’s still worried about – socializing.

While she’s charming enough to befriend almost everyone – I mean, that’s how we became friends, honestly! – she also admitted that she has no idea where to go to meet other expats once she moves here. 

Now, it makes sense for someone to want to know where to find others who’ve also transplanted themselves into a new country. So, to help her (and you too!) in this matter, I started investigating where expats hang out in Hong Kong. Here’s everything I found!

Where do expats hang out in Hong Kong? 

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Expats in Hong Kong usually hang out in the lively nightlife districts, favoring bars, restaurants, and clubs as their go-to spots to hang out and socialize.

These spots are where they can mingle with locals, fellow expats, and tourists all out for a good time. It’s where the Hong Kong nightlife scene really comes alive for them.

Lan Kwai Fong

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Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong and Hong Kong Island jointly reign as the epicenters of Hong Kong’s expat nightlife. However, Lan Kwai Fong steals the spotlight as the undeniable party capital, magnetizing expats in droves.

Despite its small size, Lan Kwai Fong packs a punch with an array of bars, restaurants, and iconic nightclubs like the renowned Play Club and Volar.

This spot remains a favorite among tourists and foreigners, partly due to the novelty of enjoying drinks legally on the streets. Here, the alcohol tastes as good as its affordable price tag suggests.

Wan Chai

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Wan Chai

Known as one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant districts, Wan Chai holds a special allure for expat businessmen. 

Why? Because Lockhart Road’s bars are always teeming with dancing women on the lookout for Western partners. Might sound strange to you, but it’s all harmless fun really – and who isn’t up for a date anyway?

Plus, this vibrant area boasts a reputation – perhaps a tad notorious – for its never-ending party scene. Amidst its streets, you’ll discover British-style pubs and bars, a subtle reminder of Hong Kong’s colonial legacy.

And for music enthusiasts, Wan Chai stands as a rare gem, hosting live Western tunes, albeit from Filipino bands passionately belting out beloved 1990s rock covers!


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Looking for a serene spot to unwind with stunning views? Kowloon is where expat couples go for a sophisticated night out. 

Unlike the lively scenes of Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai, Kowloon’s bars offer a classier vibe, perfect for those fortunate enough to secure a night off from parenting duties.

At the pinnacle sits Ozone, perched atop the Ritz Carlton in West Kowloon, claiming the title of Hong Kong’s highest bar. For an unparalleled experience, ensure a visit on a clear night to soak in the mesmerizing views.


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Much like Kowloon, Soho’s a hotspot for expat couples seeking a classier scene.

Though it neighbors Lan Kwai Fong, Soho couldn’t be more different. Unlike its London counterpart, Soho is all about chic bars and restaurants lining streets like Hollywood Road, Staunton, and Elgin.

Explore a world of options here – sip on exotic Peruvian cocktails, hang out at posh wine bars, or simply people-watch with a glass in hand. Don’t forget to wander the side streets; they’re packed with hidden bars and eateries just waiting to be discovered!

The Promenade at Victoria Harbour

The Promenade at Victoria Harbour

Not your typical nightlife scene, but the Victoria Harbour Promenade offers expats an unforgettable evening extravaganza. It’s not about partying or drinking, but rather a mesmerizing experience that draws in locals, expats, and tourists alike.

When the clock strikes 8, get ready for the highlight – an awe-inspiring “Symphony of Lights” spectacle. Laser beams dance in harmony with the city’s rhythm, transforming the waterfront that leaves expats in awe of Hong Kong’s nighttime charm.

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