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Why are there so many French in Hong Kong

Why are there so many French in Hong Kong? 

Bonjour! That’s “Hello” in French – but I bet you know that already!

What you may not know is that you’ll often find yourself saying it in Hong Kong. Thing is, there are so many French people in this city that you’ll think you’ve accidentally booked a trip to Paris in certain areas!

Kidding aside though, the French have a big impact in Hong Kong and like everybody else, are very welcome here. So, let’s find out why the city is a magnetic spot for the French.

Why are there so many French people in Hong Kong? 

Why are there so many French people in Hong Kong

Many French people move to Hong Kong because it offers many attractive job opportunities for French citizens. 

You see, many French companies have a strong presence in Hong Kong. And they often prefer the finesse of their fellow countrymen to run their local operations.

What made French companies come to Hong Kong?

What made French companies come to Hong Kong

So what’s driving the current French love affair with Hong Kong? After all, according to the Wall Street Journal, about 800 French companies have set up camp in this vibrant city. 

Many of these companies are actually eyeing expansion beyond Europe. And where better to dock their ships than in Asia’s prosperous economic waters? 

Hong Kong, with its glittering skyline and bustling markets, emerges as the top pick. This decision has a perk for our French pals in terms of job opportunities.

Opportunities abound in sectors like banking, luxury goods, and more, making Hong Kong an irresistible playground for French people seeking professional ventures beyond their homeland.

French People in Hong Kong

French People in Hong Kong

Presently, the French Consulate pegs the count of French citizens in Hong Kong at 25,000. However, rewind a decade or so, and the scene was quite different. 

In 2019, the Hong Kong Immigration Department reported a notable surge in the French contingent, marking a significant leap from a mere 2,375 in 2009 to 6,534 that year. 

This collective makes the French community in Hong Kong the largest in all of Asia!

And it’s not just their sheer numbers that make the French community stand out. They’re vibrant contributors to Hong Kong’s dynamic economy and cultural scene too.

From the banking towers to the art galleries, the French imprint is unmistakable. In a way, they’ve cultivated ties between France and Hong Kong that extend beyond economics.

French Scene in Hong Kong Today

French Scene in Hong Kong Today

You can’t miss the French touch all around Hong Kong these days. Whether you’re strolling through the bar districts or browsing high-end malls, chances are you’ll catch snippets of French chatter drifting by.

There’s this cozy spot in Central called Pastis, and it’s become a go-to hangout for French expats since it popped up in 2009. 

But hey, they’re not just confined there. These days, you’ll spot many French folks settling in areas like Soho, Sheung Wan, and Sai Ying Pun, giving those neighborhoods a bit of a ‘little Paris’ vibe.

When it comes to business, obviously, they’re a big deal. The French community contributes heaps to Hong Kong’s economy, especially jazzing up the city’s fancy shopping scene.

Though it’s not all about work, they’ve added some spice to Hong Kong’s culture too! The Alliance Française de Hong Kong promotes French language and culture through language classes, cultural events, and movie screenings.

And get this: as more young French professionals flock here, the demand for education grows. That’s where these French international schools come into play, not just for French kids but for little ones from all sorts of backgrounds.

In essence, the French scene here today isn’t just about their people. It’s about the impact they bring to Hong Kong, keeping the city buzzing with that French touch!

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