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The Best Kebabs in Hong Kong (They’ll Give You Chronic Cravings!) 

Today, we’ll skip the fancy eats and dive into a treat that gives us chronic cravings – kebabs!

Think chargrilled lamb, beef, or chicken covered in drool-worthy sauces. What’s not to love, right? These succulent skewered delights are so good we can’t help but order them again and again. And if you try any of the spots we’ve picked for this list, you’ll be in the same boat.

So, take that warning to heart. If you don’t mind being addicted to these goodies, though, we’ll go over the top kebab spots in Hong Kong now! 

Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria

Location: Shop A, G/F, Winfield Commercial Building, 6-8 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Contact details: +852 3580 1355 

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 AM to 6 AM, 10 AM to 12 AM 

Types of kebabs offered: Lamb, Chicken, Mixed Lamb & Chicken, Falafel, Fish 

Price: $


Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria has 17 branches across the city, all of which are Halal-certified. It’s a nice hangout spot after a boozy nightlife exploration in Tsim Sha Tsui because it serves a wide range of tasty and affordable comfort food. 

Here, you can try a range of Indian and Middle Eastern munchies. Of course, our favorites are their kebab treats. 

If this is your first time dining here, grab a bite of their famous Chicken Tikka Kebab. Just make sure you ask for the mild version if you’re not a fan of blazing hot masalas (spice mix). These guys don’t hold back.

If you want something more savory and meaty, get the Lamb Kebab. Meanwhile, for foodies with dietary restrictions, the Falafel Kebab is a good choice because it’s made of deep-fried vegetarian patties. 

All these kebab dishes are served on Lebanese pita bread with salad. As for the dressing, customers can choose from mayo sauce, French sauce, mild chili, hot chili, and more. Try their Masala Chai for your drink! 

Maison Libanaise 

Location: 10 Shelley St, Central 

Contact details: +852 2111 2284 

Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday  – 12 PM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 10:30 PM, Friday to Saturday – 12 PM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 11:30 PM

Types of kebabs offered: Lamb, Beef, Chicken 

Price: $$$


If you wish to eat kebab and other Middle Eastern dishes in style, visit Maison Libanaise. This posh three-story Lebanese restaurant offers a cozy indoor dining space and an al fresco rooftop with picnic tables. The perfect photo spot for the ‘gram! 

If you’re coming with friends, you might want to check out Mashewe Mshakal to start with. This dish contains beef skewers, lamb chops, and other meaty treats. Plus, it’s enough to satiate four people, so you can get your money’s worth. 

Meanwhile, if you’re eating alone, we suggest you go for their Shish Taouk (chicken kebab) or Beef Kafta (beef skewers). These dishes are usually served with in-house made pita and hummus on the side, so they’re very filling as well!

Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grills 

Location: 177號 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai

Contact details: +852 2573 9101

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday –  11 AM to 10 PM, Sunday – 12 PM to 10 PM

Types of kebabs offered: Lamb, Chicken, Mixed Lamb & Chicken, Beef, Iskender 

Price: $$


Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grills is one of our go-to spots for authentic Turkish bites. This restaurant features a wide variety of meat platters, doner kebabs, Turkish pizzas, burgers, desserts, and so much more. 

For starters, you can never go wrong with their Chicken Doner and Mixed BBQ Doner, which are usually served with chips or rice.

However, if you prefer something more savory and chargrilled, the SAC Chicken or Beef Kebab are also good choices. You can pair these meaty treats with Turkey’s national drink, Raki! 

We’d also recommend the sweet, licorice-like Turkish brandy here. It’s perfect for balancing out the kebabs’ savory and greasy taste. But pace yourself because, despite its sweet taste, this drink packs a punch and contains 40% to 50% alcohol. 

Bismillah Kebab House

Location: Chungking Mansion, Shop 75, 1/F, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 

Contact details: +852 2722 5733 

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 11 PM 

Types of kebabs offered: Lamb, Lamb Shish, Chicken, Seekh  

Price: $

Bismillah Kebab House serves cross-continental munchies inspired by Turkish, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. 

Of course, their kebab dishes are the highlight of their expansive menu. The lamb and beef kebabs, with their distinct savory flavor, keep customers coming back for more. 

The secret? Well, it’s not really a secret per se because the restaurant is known for using authentic Indian spices and homemade sauces. Plus, all the kebabs are spit-roasted and charred to achieve that smoky and umami flavor. 

By the way, garlic naan is our best pick for kebabs here because it’s fluffy and buttery, adding an extra dimension of flavor.  

Bonus: This restaurant offers a range of halal and vegetarian options, and their portions are super generous, so you won’t leave hungry even if you don’t get the meaty kebabs. 

And guess what? Bismillah Kebab Houses’ offerings are all at wallet-friendly prices, so it’s a great place to sample various kebab delights.  

27 Kebab House 

Location: D-E號舖, 蘇豪, 27 Lugard Road, Hollywood Rd, Central 

Contact details: +852 2795 2727 

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 AM to 6 PM, 10 AM to 12 AM 

Types of kebabs offered: Lamb, Lamb Shish, Beef, Chicken, Mixed BBQ 

Price: $

27 Kebab House is a staple chain restaurant that serves fast and scrumptious Turkish munchies. It’s a total hotspot in Central during lunchtime because of its affordable and delicious offerings, and yes, we’re talking about kebabs and doners. 

What’s nice about the kebabs offered here is that you can customize your order depending on the spice level you prefer. 

Moreover, you can choose the veggies you want to accompany them. For example, you can add more lettuce, tomatoes, or onion to balance out the kebab’s saltiness and grease. 

Anyway, we especially recommend their Mixed BBQ Kebab because it already has chicken and beef in it. And don’t forget to try their baklava if you still have some room for dessert!

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