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Hong Kong for Honeymooners A Complete Handbook

Hong Kong for Honeymooners: A Complete Handbook

Sure, Hong Kong skyscrapers don’t scream “romance” at first glance, but we still think we can rival Paris and Maldives as honeymoon spots. Well – maybe not the Maldives, but you get the point! 

In this guide, we’re diving deep into the lesser-known romantic side of Hong Kong. We’ll take you through enchanting places to visit, delightful things to do, and the dreamiest spots to nestle in for your perfect Hong Kong honeymoon. 

We’ll even spill the beans on the ideal time to whisk yourselves away for that unforgettable honeymoon adventure.

Where can you spend your honeymoon in Hong Kong?

Where can you spend your honeymoon in Hong Kong

Some of the most popular honeymoon spots in Hong Kong include beaches, Victoria Peak, Disneyland, and Ocean Park. Depending on how long you choose to stay, you can definitely check out every spot on our list. 

The HK Beaches

A romantic stroll along the shore is never a bad idea. Plus, if you’re tired of the urban lifestyle in Hong Kong’s dense areas, beaches are just the perfect escape. 

One spot that stands out is Repulse Bay, nestled in the southern district of Hong Kong. Don’t get fooled by that name because it’s a luxurious spot that often ranks among the world’s most stunning areas (and you’ll want that bragging right to flex on your friends!).

Victoria Peak


If you want to go to Victoria Peak, you can take the funicular (not the same as a cable car, but similar!) It’s a must for breathtaking views of the skyline, Victoria Harbour, and the lush hills beyond. Picture-perfect vistas of the South China Sea await you up there!

Once you’ve soaked in all that awe-inspiring scenery, why not add a touch of adventure? Take a hike around the area, and when you’re ready to refuel, head over to Café Deco for a meal. 

Pro tip: Try to snag a window seat with a harbor view for an unforgettable dining experience. 

And hey, if you time it right, stick around until the sun dips below the horizon. The nighttime scene from Victoria Peak is just majestic, making it an ideal spot for a romantic evening during your Hong Kong honeymoon.

Hong Kong Disneyland


Surrounded by colorful sights and musical shows, Disneyland has a way of whisking couples back to the carefree days of childhood. And really, it’s one of the places you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Hong Kong – whether or not you’re on a honeymoon!

Just a piece of advice: try to get there before opening hours (10:30 AM) as the line gets super long. It’s best to also get your tickets online beforehand so you can take your Disneyland trip hassle-free.

Ocean Park


If Disneyland didn’t quench your thirst for fun, Ocean Park should definitely be next on your list. It’s the second-largest amusement park in Hong Kong and a total gem, located in the southern district. 

Plus, it’s not just an amusement park – it’s also a marine mammal park and oceanarium, packed with yearly themed attractions. Another fun fact, Ocean Park has more roller coasters than Disneyland – make sure to check them out!

Chi Lin Nunnery


Looking to add a touch of serenity to your Hong Kong honeymoon? Chi Lin Nunnery is your go-to spot. It’s the perfect destination for a peaceful day amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

This expansive temple complex sets the stage for a romantic day out. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand along the complex, soaking in the stunning architecture, and gazing at the serene lotus ponds – just don’t get too carried away with the PDA, please! 

Hong Kong Observation Wheel


Imagine sharing a kiss atop a Ferris wheel while soaking in a splendid view of the breathtaking landscape. This 60-meter observation wheel in Hong Kong puts all K-drama dating spots to shame.

With 42 gondolas available, there are plenty of options for couples. If you’re feeling a bit luxurious, try out their VIP gondola, which is decked out with leather seats and a clear glass bottom.

What can you do on your honeymoon in Hong Kong? 

What can you do on your honeymoon in Hong Kong

During your honeymoon in Hong Kong, you can try various activities such as boarding the Star Ferry, riding the Chinese Junk Boat, going out to try Hong Kong cuisine, and seeing an opera. It all boils down to what you both enjoy doing.

Hop aboard Star Ferry


Before you get swept away by images of a romantic cruise, please know that Star Ferry is a big public transportation in Hong Kong. But it’s also a cultural icon that deserves a sport in your honeymoon itinerary. 

Tip: aim for a pre-8:00 PM departure to catch the mesmerizing Symphony of Lights show. This nightly spectacle illuminates the skyline with dazzling lights, which is always a must-see for all visitors. 

Take a romantic ride in the Chinese Junk Boat

Want to take your romance up a notch? How about setting sail on a traditional Chinese junk boat for a journey through Hong Kong’s archipelago of over 250 islands?

Charter a boat from reputable companies like Saffron or Jaspas, offering private journeys that can span up to eight hours. 

These serene rides often include refreshments and an onboard lunch served with attentive care (speaking from experience), making it a perfect, intimate experience for you and your partner.

Sign up for an opera experience

Add a cultural flair to your Hong Kong honeymoon by attending an Opera Appreciation Class, a free offering by the Hong Kong Tourism Board at the Heritage Museum. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ornate costumes and live performances by local troupes!

For aficionados craving more, Opera Hong Kong, the city’s premier opera company, is a haven for performance enthusiasts. 

Join their Meet the People program, offering diverse cultural activities – from tai chi to feng shui and Chinese tea – for a memorable honeymoon with a touch of artistic charm.

Treat your beloved to Hong Kong cuisine

Skip the fancy fine-dining and explore our fantastic food from humble stalls and night market stores.

For an authentic Dim Sum experience, Luk Yu Tea House is a must-visit. With its classic wooden booths and nostalgic ambiance, it’s one of the city’s oldest and most beloved restaurants, adored by both locals and tourists.

For something more upscale, head to Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. You’ll be treated to impeccable service, breathtaking harbor views, exquisite French cuisine, and top-notch drinks – really, what else is missing for a perfect dinner?

Walk the Victoria Harbour


For couples who want to take a more “chill” approach to their honeymoon, take a leisurely stroll along the promenade of Victoria Harbour.

The best part is immersing yourselves in the breathtaking Symphony of Lights (lighting shows start at 8:00 PM) or meandering through the Avenue of Stars (Bruce Lee’s statue is a must-see!)

And if your honeymoon coincides, don’t miss the annual fireworks display on the second day of the lunar New Year. Two birds in one stone!

Enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong

Your Hong Kong honeymoon doesn’t have to wind down when the sun sets. If you’re up for it, hit the chic pubs and bars and just party your souls out. 

For an electrifying experience, head straight to Lan Kwai Fong, the renowned nightlife district. Here, you’ll discover a plethora of bars, clubs, and restaurants – perfect for immersing yourselves in a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

What are romantic places to stay in Hong Kong?

For your honeymoon, some of the most romantic places to stay in are the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Mira Moon, and WM Hotel. All these places offer the relaxation you need during your need – it’s all a matter of what’s within your budget and preferences.

What are romantic places to stay in Hong Kong

Enough exploring spots and checking out what to do. Now, here’s the biggie: Where do you nestle in for your epic Hong Kong honeymoon? 

We’ve got the lowdown on where to chill in style.

Four Seasons


Want a seriously luxurious stay for your Hong Kong honeymoon? Check out the Four Seasons Hotel. 

Their rooms offer killer views of Victoria Harbour and The Peak, and it’s smack in the middle of everything, connected to the IFC shopping mall.

They’ve decked out the rooms with everything you could dream of for a romantic escape (well, it’s the Four Seasons!) And when it’s relaxation time, you’ll find a bunch of great amenities.

Don’t miss their amazing swimming pools, especially the one with the killer view of Victoria Harbour. Also, make sure to try out their Michelin-starred restaurants: Caprice for fancy French food and Lung King Heen for some incredible Chinese dishes.

Ritz Carlton


For an opulent Hong Kong honeymoon, check into the Ritz-Carlton, occupying the top floors of the city’s tallest skyscraper. It’s the Ritz – you really can’t get more upscale than this!

From the top floors, soak in the stunning panoramic views. You can also embrace the lap of luxury within their plush rooms adorned with 400 to 600-thread count linens (even I have yet to experience that, to be completely honest!).

Dine in elegance at the Michelin-starred Tosca di Angelo, savoring the finest Italian cuisine. And when relaxation calls, couples can dip into their sleek indoor pool.

Mira Moon


Dreaming of a unique Hong Kong honeymoon? Set your sights on Mira Moon of Causeway Bay. This hotel offers a fanciful escape, perfect for a romantic getaway with a touch of whimsy.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting tale of Chang’e and her jade rabbit, the hotel’s decor is a delightful blend of charm and imagination. Cozy rooms feature intricate dark wood furniture and captivating peony-themed fabrics.

WM Hotel


Nestled in Sai Kung, known as the ‘back garden of Hong Kong’, WM Hotel beckons couples seeking a serene escape. Offering proper hotel accommodation, this gem is perfect for an extended stay without breaking the bank. 

Imagine cozying up in their signature guestrooms, featuring balconies with breathtaking sea views and private gardens. Plus, the hotel’s just a five-minute walk from Sha Ha Beach, perfect for sun-soaked relaxation and a bit of beachside fun.

What’s the best time to go to Hong Kong for a honeymoon?

What’s the best time to go to Hong Kong for a honeymoon

The best time to go to Hong Kong for a honeymoon is the months between October and April. It’s humid and the green views are more lush which makes doing outdoor activities much easier.

Specifically, October to December is a month of pocket-friendly prices. You might want to sneak in a shopping spree while you’re here!

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