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THE Purrfect Getaway 6 Must-Visit Cat Cafes in Hong Kong

THE Purrfect Getaway: 6 Must-Visit Cat Cafes in Hong Kong 

We’ve all seen it. Cats are on a secret quest for world domination. 

On TikToks, Facebook memes, YouTube shorts, and even Instagram feeds, these cute munchkins pretty much rule the Internet, don’t they? And that’s understandable. Heck, I’d give every cat I meet a home if I could.

For we all know some cat-lovers out there can’t keep pets at home. Sometimes, it’s an awful landlord and other times, it’s someone in the family with an allergy.

But don’t worry if you’re one of these, because we’ve found your happy place: cat cafes!

These spots let you get all the doses of kitty cuddles you need. If you want to know which ones have the best cats and coffee in particular, you’re in luck there too – because we’ve already found them! Here’s a list of the best cat cafes you absolutely have to visit right now!

Catio Cat Cafe 


Location: 1501-02室, United Success Commercial Centre, 506-508號 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 

Contact information: +852 6413 4929 

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 9:30 PM 

Best features: 

  • No hourly charge/time limit for set lunch/dinner 
  • Offers a diverse selection of no-MSG food 

Playtime hour rate: starts at HK$ 78 per hour per person  

Nestled in the center of Causeway Bay, you’ll find the charming Catio Cat Cafe. It boasts a mix of well-groomed adopted strays and 14 resident cats. 

The cafe may not be that big, but it’s always clean and has a Japanese-inspired interior. And the cats are, of course, wonderfully cuddly! 

Food-wise, there’s a good range of pasta, pizza, and Japanese dishes, all of which have no MSG. Moreover, the cafe also offers fresh vegetable salads as well as pastries and desserts that are perfect pairs for their selection of coffee, tea, and juices. 

Before you enter the cafe, the staff will provide you with guidelines and tips to help you interact better with their cats. They’ll also give you a handy booklet that contains the names, characteristics, and personalities of each cat inside, so make sure you read it. 

Here’s some more important information you need to know:

  • The starting rate for the first hour of playtime is HK$ 78 per person per hour, and this already includes a free drink. However, if you order a Taiwanese drink, you have to pay an additional HK$ 10 and HK$ 20 for bottled drinks. 
  • If you order food (there must be one order per person) during your first hour, the per-head charge for the second hour will be free.  
  • Part of an hour is always charged as an hour. 
  • If you order a set lunch from 12 PM to 2 PM or set dinner after 6 PM (there must be one order per person), there’s no time limit for playtime, and you won’t be charged per hour. 

Since the cafe and the cats can only accommodate a limited number of guests, it’s best to book a table here in advance. Nonetheless, they also accept walk-ins if the cafe isn’t fully booked for the day. 

Cat Garden 


Location: 17號 Peng Chau Wing Hing St, Peng Chau, Hong Kong 

Contact information: +852 6111 4553 

Operating hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 12 PM to 5 PM, Wednesday – Closed 

Best feature: 

  • No hourly charge/time limit for any order 

Playtime hour rate: starts at HK$ 88 per person  

Situated on the outlying island of Peng Chau, Cat Garden is a charming cafe that has captured the hearts and interests of the locals and tourists despite being a ferry ride away. 

This family-owned cafe is home to residential cats and adopted strays. As soon as you arrive at the cafe, you’ll be greeted by plump and fluffy kitties ready to offer some much-needed cuddles as you sip on a hot latte. 

You can pet and hold the cats with the guidance of a staff member. However, it’s important to remember that some of the adopted stray cats here might still be a bit shy, so if they don’t approach you first, just let them play on their own. 

While it’s true that the main draw of Cat Garden is its cats, we can say that they still need some improvement when it comes to their menu. 

Currently, this cafe only offers a limited selection of coffee. With a fee of HK$ 88 per person, guests can already enjoy two drinks. 

Anyway, aside from the cats, the owners also feature a range of handmade trinkets, such as cat-themed dolls, bags, and stationery. These are perfect souvenirs to take home to remember your time in this cafe. 

For a smooth visit, make sure to book a reservation at least a day before you plan to go. Along with this, remember to bring a pair of socks – shoes aren’t allowed inside the cafe!  

Cats Tea Room (Tsim Sha Tsui) 

    Image Credit: Coco Chan, Kuuga King 


    Location: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Haiphong Rd, 53號3樓3室 Hai Phong Mansion House 

    Contact information: +852 5588 4627 

    Operating hours: Monday to Friday – 1:30 PM to 10:30 PM, Saturday – Sunday – 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM 

    Best features: 

    • Offers a variety of tea and coffee 
    • Offers a range of cookies, cakes, and sandwiches 
    • Features cats for adoption 

    Playtime hour rate: Starts at HK$ 68 per person per hour 

    Cats Tea Room is set in Tsim Sha Tsui, but it also has branches in Tsuen Wan and Mong Kok. This cozy cat cafe boasts a team of around 20 adopted feline residents, so you’ll be surrounded by these furry cuties no matter where you go. 

    The minimum charge here starts at HK$ 68 (HK$ 79 on weekends/public holidays) for the first playtime hour, and this comes with a free drink. Meanwhile, an additional charge of HK$ 38 (HK$ 48 on weekends/public holidays) for every subsequent playtime hour.

    However, it’s best to note that this cafe can only entertain a limited number of guests per day, so it’s a must to book a reservation based on the available schedule posted on their website. 

    Also, don’t worry. The cats here don’t really work in shifts. Actually, they’re more about lounging than labor. The schedules and breaks are more for standard cleaning procedures and, of course, for the cats to get some alone time. 

    What sets Cats Tea Room apart is its commitment to help. You see, this cat cafe regularly donates to NGOs and volunteers so they can save and rehome more stray cats in the city.

    And here’s the best part. If you’re lucky and you have all the qualifications needed, you can even take home a lovely kitty that’s up for adoption!

    Meow Art Coffee 


    Location: Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan, Chai Wan Kok St, 38-40號, Tsuen Tung Factory Building, 18樓A室 

    Contact information: +852 5690 0686 

    Operating hours: Monday to Friday – 12 PM to 9 PM, Saturday to Sunday – 11 AM to 9 PM 

    Best feature: 

    • Offers 3D latte art workshop

    Playtime hour rate: Starts at HK$ 68 per person per hour 

    Just like its name suggests, you can enjoy three things in this cafe – cats, art, and coffee. At Meow Art Cafe, you can play with 12 prowling kitties as you sip a cup of coffee adorned with cat-themed latte art. 

    Before you book a reservation, here’s the cafe’s fee details:

    • On weekdays, you have to pay HK$ 68 (for adults) / HK$ 48 (for kids 3 to 11 years old) for the first hour, and this comes with a free drink. An additional HK$ 38 is charged for each subsequent hour. 
    • On  Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, you have to pay HK$ 88 (for adults) / HK$ 68 (for kids 3 to 11 years old) for the first hour, and this comes with a free drink. An additional HK$ 48 is charged for each subsequent hour. 

    Remember that no cooked food is available here, but the owners encouraged guests to bring their own food or just order some take out when visiting. 

    Besides that, the cafe offers private 2D and 3D latte art workshops, so if you’re interested, just check out the details here.  

    Cat Island Cafe 


    Location: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, 3/F, Flat D, Po Ming Building 2-6 Foo Ming Street 

    Contact information: +852 2710 9953 

    Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM 

    Best feature: 

    • Offers a range of cat-themed dishes and drinks
    • Offers Western dishes 

    Playtime hour rate: Not specified 

    Cat Island Cafe is probably the oldest cat cafe in Hong Kong. It’s a true icon in introducing the wonders and charms of cat cafes in the city because it’s been more than 18 years since it started business in Causeway Bay. 

    All the cats featured here are rescued strays, and they’re all very friendly and well-behaved, so you can freely shower them with pets and cuddles when they approach you. 

    The cafe also has a bunch of cat toys, so if the cats grace you with their attention, grab a feather wand or a rolling chase toy and play with them! 

    Aside from coffee, Cat Island Cafe offers a hearty selection of Western dishes, including pizza, chicken wings, pasta, and pastries. And there’s more! The cafe also serves a wide array of adorable cat-themed delights like cat-shaped toasts, pancakes, and ice cream. 

    Before you visit, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the cafe’s house rules so both you and the cat residents have an enjoyable experience. 

    Remember not to disturb the cattos while they’re eating or sleeping. Also, if you wish to approach them or interact with them more closely, ask for assistance from a staff member. Don’t pick up or carry a cat without permission!

    Urban Cafe (Mong Kok) 


    Location: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Nathan Rd, 566-568A號, Kiu Kin Mansion, 2樓 

    Contact information: +852 6832 6990 

    Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 10 PM 

    Best feature: 

    • Offers a diverse selection of dishes and drinks 

    Playtime hour rate: Starts at HK$ 48 per person per hour  

    With a total space of more than 3,000 square feet, Urban Cafe is known as the largest cat cafe in the city. It’s home to over 40 abandoned and stray cats per branch, so you can totally recharge on kitty cuddles whether you choose to visit a branch in Lai Chi Kok, Kwun Tong, or Mong Kok. 

    Urban Cafe is accessible for people of all ages, making it the perfect spot to bring the kiddos and teach them how to interact properly with animals. 

    As you relax and unwind with a cup of hand-brewed coffee, the furry residents just wander around the cafe, and guests are free to interact with them if they approach first. 

    What we really appreciate about this cafe is that the staff don’t pressure the cats to perform tricks or play around visitors. They just let them be cats, and what we mean by that are cats’ random zoomies, sitting in boxes, kneading dough on plushies, or just staring blankly into space. 

    And when it comes to food, Urban Cafe offers a rotational menu of hearty munchies, including burgers, pasta, pizza, and steaks. 

    Apart from that, the cat cafe also offers a diverse selection of refreshments like coffee and smoothies, with their signature Dalgona coming in a variety of flavors. 

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