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The 13 Most Haunted Places in Hong Kong (They gave us chills!)

The 13 Most Haunted Places in Hong Kong (They gave us chills!)

For those on the hunt for a different kind of thrill, we have just the thing: Hong Kong has numerous haunted locations that will make you want to keep your nightlight on.

From abandoned hospitals to haunted waterfalls, we’ve compiled a list of the most haunted places here that you won’t want to visit alone. Continue scrolling to discover the hair-raising tales behind these haunted hotspots. Don’t forget to have your black tourmaline and incense with you! 

1. Sai Ying Pun Community Complex


Address: 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2540 2812

Operating hours: Open 24 hours 

The Sai Ying Pun Community Complex is known by many names like The Old Mental Hospital and the High Street Ghost House. 

It’s located in Sai Yung Pun, which is where mass killings took place when the Japanese colonized Hong Kong. 

This building is 9 stories tall and is designed with an evident Early Baroque-style inspiration. Unfortunately, only the exterior is preserved so there’s nothing striking about the interior architecture… Still, it’s the outside that’s really noteworthy, so that doesn’t matter. 

Anyway, the Sai Yung Pun Community Complex is where they placed people who were mentally ill during the British colonization. However, during Japanese rule, this building was turned into an execution hall. 

Because of its dark history, it’s no wonder why until this day, people say there are spirits still roaming this place. People who get close to it at night say they see ghostly flashes around it.

Pro tip:

Today, it has been revamped into a government building so it’s no longer open to the public. Sorry, ghost hunters! However, you can still go for a stroll and appreciate the building from the outside. 

2. Dragon Lodge at the Peak


Address: 32 Lugard Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

Another place in Hong Kong that has numerous ghost stories surrounding it is the Dragon Lodge at the Peak. Who would have thought that there’d be a haunted house near this famous tourist attraction? 

Anyway, the Dragon Lodge was erected before World War II, so it’s pretty old. This used to be a home before it became one of the most haunted houses in Hong Kong. 

So what went down here that turned it into a haunted house? When the Japanese inhabited this house, that’s when things changed. It’s said that they decapitated some nuns here and also did other heinous things to torture locals. 

Pro tip:

A lot of ghost hunters have explored this place, but do note that it’s still a privately owned property so you’ll see signs that trespassing isn’t allowed. However, even from the outside, there’s still plenty to admire. That is… if you have the guts to get close to this haunted house! 

3. Yuen Long Tak Tak School


Address: Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Before we talk about the school, we have to talk about the village first. The village that the Tak Tak School is located in has a troublesome past. It’s because a lot of people died when the British came to colonize them. 

Moreover, the same thing happened when the Japanese arrived. In the plot beside the Tak Tak School, you’ll see a lot of gravestones from the casualties during this tragic moment of Hong Kong history, which is probably one of the reasons why the school is so haunted. 

Anyway, there are a lot of horror stories about the Tak Tak School but one of the most famous ones is the woman in a red dress. 

There’s a rumor that the headmistress of the school committed suicide years ago while she was wearing a red dress. That’s why over the years, there’ve been quite a few people who mentioned seeing a figure in red. 

Pro tip:

If you’re planning on exploring the area, be as respectful as you can. We know that ghost hunting can be a thrilling activity between friends… However, keep in mind that this place has a tragic past. Anyway, the school itself has a lock today but people still trespass often to explore the area and no-one seems to mind.  

4. Hong Kong Central Hospital 


Address: Central, Hong Kong

They say that in the 60s, a lot of abortions took place in this hospital. Of course, we’re not sure if the rumored hauntings in this hospital are because of this, but some people stick with this theory. 

Anyway, after operating for 48 years, the hospital closed down in 2012. 

How a lot of rooms were left as is, brimming with tools, equipment, and such… You can just imagine how creepy it looks now. Of course, just so we can sleep better tonight, we’ll try not to keep that image in our heads. 

Pro tip:

Ever since its closure, people who pass by this abandoned hospital have said they felt uneasy because of its eeriness. Some have even heard noises coming from the building. If you’re someone looking to experience a paranormal activity, you won’t even need to explore the building itself!

5. Waterfall Bay Park 


Address: 8 Waterfall Bay Rd, Waterfall Bay, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2346 9031

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Unlike the other places on this list, the Waterfall Bay Park is still up and running. That’s why you can explore this without trespassing on the property. 

Moreover, it doesn’t actually feel that eerie, especially in the morning. In fact, a lot of locals go here to walk or to enjoy the scenery. It’s just that a lot of people who’ve come here at night also claim to have seen otherworldly things.

The reason people say that the Waterfall Bay Park is haunted is because it is said that during the Qing Dynasty, pirates would dump dead bodies there. 

Additionally, a lot of children have unfortunately drowned here back in the 70s. There are even rumors that the reason why several people have drowned here is because of the ghosts that reside in the bay. 

Anyway, there’s now a railing here to stop people from going to the waterfall. However, today, you can still enjoy the views completely dry and safe! 

Pro tip:

To be extra-safe, we suggest not going here when it’s raining since the ground is extra slippery. Also make sure to distance yourself from the railing. 

6. 31 Granville Road


Address: 31 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

If you’re someone who listens, reads, or watches true crime in Hong Kong, we bet you’ve heard of a murder case that happened in 31 Granville Road. 

People call it the Hello Kitty Case. While it sounds cute and all, the tale behind its name is actually pretty gruesome. 

Back in 1999, a nightclub hostess met an unfortunate death at an apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui when 3 men abducted her. 

Since the complete details are quite grisly, we’ll just skip to the reason it’s called the Hello Kitty Case. The men decapitated her and placed her skull inside a Hello Kitty plushie. 

Even though the apartment building where this occurred has now been demolished and turned into Soravit hotel. It’s still up and running, but there are still some who report it to be haunted. 

Pro tip:

As we mentioned, this case is quite talked-about among people who consume true crime stories. If you want to know more details about this case, there are a lot of people who talk about it in detail online. 

7. So Lo Pun


So Lo Pun is an abandoned village in Hong Kong that has a lot of mysterious stories going around about it. One of the most famous rumors about this village is that all of the people who lived here suddenly vanished one night. 

In English, So Lo Pun literally means “the compass is locked”. The reason behind its name is that when people arrive at this village, their compass seems to miraculously stop working, which only adds to the eeriness. 

Anyway, while there isn’t evidence to show everyone here actually vanished overnight, it really is completely abandoned now. This village is also surrounded by lush trees, which adds to its eerie and mystical ambiance. 

Pro tip:

It’s quite challenging to go to So Lo Pun. The best way to get there is from Luk Keng. Note that this is the safest route, so this is what we recommend. 

To get to Luk Keng, you should first ride the Minibus 56k from Fanling. After arriving at Luk Keng, make your way to the Kai Kuk Shue Ha and from there, you should be able to hike to So Lo Pun. 

8. Victoria Road Prison Compound


Address: Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong 

Opening in 1841, the Victoria Road Prison Compound is considered the first prison in Hong Kong, making it the longest running in the whole island. 

In 1967, it’s where they imprisoned political prisoners and alleged spies in a cell in poor conditions. Moreover, the prisoners were also tortured for several hours. 

It closed in 2006, but instead of being totally abandoned, visitors can now go there to know more about the history of Victoria Prison, Hong Kong police, and other bits of Hong Kong’s history. 

It’s one of the haunted places in Hong Kong that you can freely enter and explore without trespassing. 

Pro tip:

Since this one’s located in Central, there are also numerous attractions to visit around the area. Make a day of it and explore the secrets of the neighborhood!

9. Bella Vista Villa


Address: Cheung Chau Beach Rd (north), Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

In its prime, Bella Vista Villa was a vacation home that offered rooms with stunning ocean views. It was so innocent-looking that you wouldn’t expect that it eventually became a crime scene to numerous suicide and homicide cases over the years (which also led to its haunted reputation). 

Surprisingly, this place is still up and running. Yes – there are still people courageous enough to rent rooms here despite knowing its history. 

We kind of get it, though. It’s hard to pass up the spectacular sights you can get from the rooms… Just hope you don’t see anyone pass by your window while you’re on the top floor! 

Pro tip:

If you’re planning on going here, we suggest also exploring Cheung Chau. Aside from this haunted villa, there are numerous famous places in the area like the North Lookout Pavilion, the Tin Hau Temple, and the Kwun Yau Beach.  

10. Nam Koo Terrace


Address: 55號 Ship St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Nam Koo Terrace is another haunted place in Hong Kong with a dark past. During the Japanese occupation, it is said that this house was used as a comfort house where women were tortured, murdered, and raped. 

Because of that, rumors about this place being haunted spread throughout Hong Kong. However, it wasn’t until 2003 when a group of curious teenagers sneaked their way into the building turned rumors into something more believable. 

They reported seeing ghosts and one even allegedly got possessed by a ghost. 

Anyway, for a long time, the Nam Koo Terrace has been empty. However, though quite unfitting because of its history, it is said that this building will be turned into a marriage registry in the future! 

Pro tip:

If you’re planning on exploring this place, do note that the entrance to the building itself is tightly blocked. You can look around the area, but unfortunately, you can’t go inside. 

11. Cheung Sha Wan Abattoir 


Address: Hong Kong, 永順街343地段荃灣屠房

Previously a slaughterhouse, this abandoned structure is considered one of the most haunted and creepiest places in Hong Kong. 

One of the most famous stories why this place is considered haunted is the story of the water buffalo. Before being slaughtered, some workers claimed to have heard it cry while begging for its life. Naturally, this urged the workers to release the water buffalo back to the wild. 

After closing down in 1999, the government tried to turn it into an arts compound. However, because there were artists who were complaining about the weird ambiance, that project eventually failed. 

Pro tip:

Because the Cheung Sha Wan Abattoir is guarded, it’s quite difficult to get inside even for expert urban explorers. However, after a few attempts, you might just get lucky. 

12. Bridges Street YMCA


Address: 51 Bridges St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Contact details:  +852 2540 0526

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday – 10 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM 

During the war, the buildings along Bridges St. were used as barracks – the YMCA being one of them. With that in mind, you can imagine the deaths this street has witnessed. 

Anyway, towards the end of the war, a lot of people believe that there were numerous soldiers who took their own lives here. Fast forward to today: passersby and residents of Bridges street report seeing and hearing soldiers, especially at the YMCA building. 

Pro tip:

The YMCA building is still up and running. That’s why if you want to explore haunted places in Hong Kong safely, this is one of the spots you can go to. 

13. Bride’s Pool


Address:New Territories, Hong Kong

Just judging from the name itself, the Bride’s Pool, though poetic sounding, does seem like a haunted spot. 

Anyway, the legend starts when there was a bride about to see her groom. She was in a sedan, supported by 4 porters. It was a rainy night with turbulent winds so when they went across this pool, one of the porters fell over. This caused the bride to drown in the pool.

It’s worth noting that the pool isn’t the only weird spot in this area. In fact, the road above has a sinister aspect to it to it too because there have been several road accidents there, 

Oh, and interestingly enough, Bride’s Pool is also considered part of Hong Kong UNESCO’s Global Geopark because of its geological wonders. 

Pro tip:

There are also other places that are part of Hong Kong’s UNESCO Global Geopark that we recommend you explore. Our top favorites are Lai Chi Wo and Sharp Island. 

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