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Hong Kong's 11 Best Parks for Dogs

Hong Kong’s 11 Best Parks for Dogs

Hey there, fur parents! Are you always looking for a new way to enrich your beloved pet’s life? Well, lucky for us in Hong Kong, there’s a bunch of paws-itively awesome dog-friendly parks just waiting to make your pet’s day! 

Sound like your vibe? Get ready then, because we’ve handpicked some fantastic parks for you and your furry kids. Check out our curated list below to find the perfect spot for a good time with your pups!

West Kowloon Art Park


West Kowloon Art Park is like the ultimate playground for our furry pals! Imagine a lively preschool playgroup designed exclusively for dogs. 

This park offers stunning seaside views, vast green spaces, and a bustling atmosphere filled with pets and their human companions. It’s the paw-fect spot for spending an entire day bonding with your pooch.

While your dog needs to stay leashed in most areas, there’s a special Pet-Zone where your furry buddy can enjoy some off-leash freedom. 

Complete with pet waste bins and a convenient water tap, it’s a designated space just for our four-legged friends to romp around and have a blast.

Tsuen Wan Park

Media by collygacollyhae


Nestled in the backdrop of Tsuen Wan’s iconic Nina Tower lies a gem of a park that’s a paradise for both dogs and their humans. You could take a leisurely walk with your dogs, but the real treat awaits at the adjoining pet garden connected to the park – the dog area!

Here, your beloved four-legged buddy can finally be unleashed to frolic and mingle with other furry pals in a charming circular courtyard. What else can be better?

Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden

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The Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden is a canine paradise that will definitely win over your furry family members. Despite its name, this park is solely designed for four-legged friends (sorry butterfly pets!).

They have a dedicated pets’ activity zone, complete with amenities like waste bins and cool play equipment such as ramps, hoops to leap through, and more. 

And guess what? If your pooch needs a breather from all the excitement, you both can unwind by strolling along the scenic footpath. 

Cyberport Waterfront Park

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Nestled in the Southside neighborhood of Telegraph Bay, this park is a pupper paradise, especially with its expansive grassy lawns.

Plus, there are convenient taps scattered around to ensure your pet stays hydrated and happy. But wait, the pet-friendliness doesn’t stop with the park! 

Adjacent to this haven, there’s a pet-friendly shopping mall where you can grab refreshments, snacks, or simply enjoy some cooler air, especially during the warmer months. 

And here’s the kicker: “The Barkyard,” a grooming salon, is right there too. Skilled groomers can pamper your sweet pals with top-notch services like ear-cleaning, brushing, nail trimming, and more. 

Once your dog is looking all spiffy, take a leisurely stroll along the Waterfront Park or up to the Podium area to flaunt your pup’s new look. 

Central Park, Discovery Bay

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Joining our list is Central Park in Discovery Bay. This park, also known as Siena Park, welcomes both kids and dogs (hope you can tell them apart). 

Picture vast green areas perfect for picnics and playful pup meetups. Not only that, there’s a playground, making it a spot where all your babies – whether furry or not – are well looked after.

You could also pack a picnic mat here for an afternoon of relaxation with your kid while your furry friend mingles and makes new doggy pals.

Wan Po Road Pet Garden

Media by iam.siddha


Situated right next to the Tseung Kwan O South Waterfront Promenade, this place holds the title of being the largest dog park in Hong Kong. Now, that’s something to bark about!

What’s so great about it? Well, they have it all sorted! There are separate areas for large dogs, small dogs, and a zone where dogs of all sizes can mingle and make furry friends. 

The park is also equipped with pet activity zones, waste bins (super important!), a pet shower area for some post-play cleanup, and rain shelters in case of unexpected weather.

For us humans, we get the comfy benches!

Tamar Park

Media by pepperoni.n.mosa


This park features not one, but two large enclosed dog parks where your furry pals can dash around and play freely on the vibrant green grass without a leash in sight.

What’s more exciting is the government’s move to designate Tamar Park as “inclusive parks for pets.” Your dog can now take a scenic walk here from the Observation Wheel along the waterfront. 

While you enjoy the stunning views, your dog gets the chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. 

Kwun Tong Ferry Pier Square Pet Garden

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While Kwun Tong Pet Garden might be on the smaller side, but this park packs a punch for your furry friend. There are plenty of open grassy spaces where your pup can frolic, play, and discover to their heart’s content.

What’s more? There are several benches and picnic tables scattered around the park, creating perfect spots for you to unwind while your furry companion enjoys their playtime.

However, here’s a heads up: this park doesn’t have any water features. So, when you plan a visit, don’t forget to bring along a bowl and some water for your furry friend, especially on those warm days. 

Penfold Park

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Penfold Park is the green heart of Sha Tin! This lush park, nestled within the Sha Tin Racecourse infield and managed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, is a haven for pet lovers and their furry companions. 

Doggos are in for a treat here. There’s an artificial pool where they can show off their best swimming moves or simply enjoy the cool water.

And if that’s not enough, the huge lawn area is perfect for a game of frisbee or just some good old-fashioned running around and having a blast.

And hey, there’s more to love about Penfold Park! The park regularly promotes animal care and welfare, making it not just a place for fun but also a space where the well-being of our furry friends is highly valued.

Kai Tak Runway Park

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Can you believe there’s a dog park nestled in Hong Kong’s former airport strip? Kai Tak Runway Park pays homage to the city’s vibrant transportation history with a life-sized model plane proudly on display.

But here’s the real treat for our furry friends: the ground here is covered in lush, inviting grass, creating an ideal playground for your dogs to roam freely off-leash. 

Whether they’re racing around with you or enjoying playtime with their canine pals, this park offers a comfortable and spacious area for them to stretch their legs and have a tail-wagging good time.

Tung Chung North Park

Media by max_goldieboy


And to complete our list, there’s Tung Chung North Park, and they’ve really stepped up their game for your furry friends!

This park is a true haven for dogs with its fantastic pet garden and sprawling green spaces. There are specially designed spots for playful antics and ample room for fetch games or simply zooming around. 

It is truly one of the ultimate paradises for your pup to explore, socialize, and just be a happy dog!

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