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How much does a doctor make in Hong Kong

How much does a doctor make in Hong Kong? 

Are you considering a career in medicine in Hong Kong but unsure about the financial rewards? Or are you simply curious about a doctor’s salary in our city? 

Whether you’re a hardworking medical student with a bright future or an insomniac with a burning question, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about the fascinating figures behind a doctor’s salary in Hong Kong. 

How much do doctors make in Hong Kong? 

On average, doctors in Hong Kong make around HK$84,000. The actual salary typically ranges from HK$31,600 to HK$145,000. The amount varies so much because the salary depends on what the doctor specializes in. 

For example, the average salary for an allergist in Hong Kong is HK $67,200. Meanwhile, a pediatrician and a physical therapist earn around HK $82,200 and HK $57,400 respectively, as per Salary Explorer

Of course specialization isn’t the only factor that affects how much doctors make in Hong Kong. Where they practice (hospital, private practice, etc) is also a factor to consider.

For more information about how much a doctor makes in Hong Kong depending on the situation, take a look at the table below.

Common SpecializationAverage Salary (per month)
DermatologistHK $106,000
DietitianHK $67,300
Invasive CardiologistHK $134,000 
NeurologistHK $109,000 
Obstetrician / GynecologistHK $94,200
OphthalmologistHK $74,200
Physical TherapistHK $57,400
RadiologistHK $97,900 

How does experience affect a doctor’s salary in Hong Kong?

Experience affects a doctor’s salary in Hong Kong because more experience equates to higher income.

For example, doctors who have been working for 2 to 5 years earn 32% more when compared to doctors just starting out. Meanwhile, those who have more than 5 years of experience tend to earn 36% more. 

Are doctors well-paid in Hong Kong? 

Yes, doctors are well-paid in Hong Kong. This is based on the average living wage in Hong Kong (HK $ 36,583), which would help one live comfortably and the average salary of doctors in Hong Kong (HK $84,000). 

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