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The Reason Why Hong Kong Lawyers Wear Wigs

The Reason Why Hong Kong Lawyers Wear Wigs 

Pretend you’re walking in a courtroom in Hong Kong. It looks just like your favorite courtroom TV show—but wait, something seems to be amiss! We know what’s throwing you: the wigs.

Sounds unheard of in this time and age, some may say. Well, in this article, we explain the reason Hong Kong lawyers wear wigs! 

Why do Hong Kong lawyers wear wigs? 

Hong Kong lawyers wear wigs as a symbol of their legal profession. It creates a visible distinction between lawyers and other people in the courtroom. 

Moreover, wearing wigs is a sign of formality during court proceedings. Additionally, it is a remainder of the British colonial legal system and English judicial tradition.

In England, this practice dates back several centuries. The original intention was to create a sense of impartiality and formality while inside the courtroom. Even though Hong Kong’s sovereignty was handed over to China in 1997, the tradition remains untouched. 

When do Hong Kong lawyers wear wigs?

In addition to their black gowns, Hong Kong lawyers wear wigs during every court session as long as it’s above magistracy level. However, family court and closed-door hearings are the exception to the rule. 

What are the Hong Kong lawyers’ wigs made out of?

The wigs that Hong Kong lawyers wear are made out of horsehair. 

Is there a possibility for Hong Kong lawyers to stop wearing wigs? 

Yes, it is possible for lawyers in Hong Kong to stop wearing wigs at some point. In fact, there have been debates around this topic for years within the local legal community. 

Some lawyers argue that wearing wigs is an outdated tradition, while others like to uphold this tradition because of how it symbolizes formality during court proceedings. 

What are other countries that have lawyers wearing wigs? 

Countries that require lawyers to wear wigs are Canada, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Australia, and South Africa. 

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