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Spending Smart How much spending money do you need per day in Hong Kong

Spending Smart: How much spending money do you need per day in Hong Kong?

Ever felt like a one-day millionaire on your trips? Not me! 

Thanks to my parents, I’ve learned the craft of being frugal (you know, enjoying life on a budget without being too hard on myself). And I honestly see how that can be hard for some people, especially if they just want to go on a stress-free vacation for a while. 

For those coming to Hong Kong soon, I have the answer: today’s article was written to help you budget for your trip. Let’s start here: how much cash do you need to spend per day when visiting Hong Kong?

How much spending money do you need per day in Hong Kong?

How much spending money do you need per day in Hong Kong

If you’re traveling solo to Hong Kong, prepare a budget of around HK$981.64 ($126) per day. That covers about HK$576.52 ($74) for a cozy stay, HK$77.91 ($10) for transportation, and HK$327.21 ($42) for food.

Now, this is just for a budget day out – no fancy activity admissions included. But hey, the more you splurge, the better your Hong Kong trip could get.

Let’s dig into how you can stretch that budget while exploring Hong Kong!



Accommodation options typically range from HK$233.72 to HK$545.36 per night for a decent, clean, mid-range spot at a prime location.

Consider Page148 for HK$576.52 a night – it’s a neat boutique hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Situated amid lively shops and restaurants, a mere stone’s throw from a metro station, it means you’re all set for a jaunt to Victoria Harbour. 

The rooms? Sweet views, big windows, a smart TV, and a Marshall Speaker – basically, all your comfort essentials.

Now, for the luxe seekers, the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (HK$3,007.25 a night) is the best choice. Think floor-to-ceiling windows, marble-clad bathrooms, an infinity pool, and a 24/7 gym – a dreamy blend of luxury and vacation vibes.

Money-Saving Tip: If you can sacrifice a little bit of comfort and privacy, opt for hostels. They’re much cheaper than hotels and typically offer a lot of flexibility in terms of check-in and check-out times. Great if you also want to make international friends! 



Getting around Hong Kong is a breeze, and trust me, you’ve got options! 

For starters, if it’s nearby, why not walk it? It’s perfect for those short distances and you get to soak up the city vibe.

For longer hauls, ride the MTR. Fares vary from pocket-friendly HK$3.5 to HK$55. 

Wanna catch the vibe? Hop on those iconic double-decker buses! They’re clean, fun, and cover lots. Day rides cost HK$4.50 to HK$47, while night trips range from HK$7.50 to HK$33.

Now, because there are different sides to Hong Kong across Victoria Harbour, you’ll definitely want to catch the Star Ferry. The cost is HK$2.6 for the lower deck or HK$3.2 for the upper deck with AC. 

Pro-tip: Getting an Octopus Card is a lifesaver as soon as you touch down. It’s a contactless card for zipping through MTR rides, hopping on buses, ferries, or trams – all with a quick tap.
Where to snag one? Hit up any Airport Express or MTR Customer Service Center.



Hong Kong’s food scene is top-notch and won’t drain your wallet! Wonton noodles, egg waffles, sweet and sour pork, and fish balls are the local heroes. They’re everywhere, from cozy spots to fancier joints.

For your daily budgeting, kick off your day with a baked bun or toast plus a drink, setting you back roughly HK$54.54. 

For lunch, grab takeout dim sum or hit a food stall for about HK$116.86, including a drink. As for dinner, expect a satisfying meal for around HK$155.82, sometimes less.

To get into specifics: steamed dumplings might cost about HK$31 per basket, while heartier dishes like chicken sticky rice could go for around HK$4. 

For a decent dim sum outing, plan to spend about HK$116.

Pro-tip: Don’t miss out on hot pot! You’ll get broths, meats, veggies, and the works. Plan to spend around HK$150 to HK$300 per person. Yep, it might stretch your daily budget, but trust me, this meal is worth every penny!



First, the free activities are gems such as the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha), and Dragon’s Back Hike. They’re fantastic spots, but, of course, nearby restaurants might tempt you.

Now, let’s talk real adventures (not really, they’re just paid ones so you get a lot more validation from them). Allocate around HK$1,558.16 ($200) for a combo of these:

  • The Peak
  • Ngong Ping 360
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Ocean Park
  • Macau day trip
  • Happy Valley Racecourse

When it comes to theme parks, Ocean Park is a budget-saver compared to Disneyland. But hey, Disney lovers are going to Disney! Also, don’t skip the Peak tram or a trip to Macau – it’s worth it.

Ngong Ping 360 offers a cool gondola ride to the Big Buddha, but it’s a bit pricey. For a wallet-friendly tip, catch bus #23 from Tung Chung Town Centre for just HK$18 (one way, 45 minutes).

Heads-up: Many of these top attractions might lure you in with mouthwatering food and tempting shopping options. Prepare to loosen the purse strings a bit more than expected!

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