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HK Shopping What can you buy at Temple Street Night Market

HK Shopping: What can you buy at Temple Street Night Market? 

Shop ‘til you drop? That’s not just a phrase for me; it’s a lifestyle! Once I start, I don’t stop snagging those cute, totally unnecessary, yet oh-so-adorable goodies until I’m practically collapsing with shopping bags in hand. 

Now you’re probably imagining I’m rolling in dough. I’m not! I just have bargain hunting and haggling as my superpower, and know all of the good spots to go for a deal. Today, I’ll actually guide you through the wonders you can grab in one of them: Temple Street Night Market! 

What can you buy at Temple Street Night Market? 

At Temple Street Night Market, you can buy anything from budget-friendly clothes and accessories to imitation watches, pirated CDs (shh, we won’t tell), funky household items, and much more – literally everything.

Bargain alert: those marked prices are just a starting point. Grab your Sherlock hat, channel your inner negotiator, and get ready to strike those bargain deals

Fashion Accessories

Let’s start with the essentials: hair combs and bangles! 

Ever wanted to rock a look that screams “Asian flair” or maybe blend in with the latest global trends? Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of both –  from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

And if you harbor love for Hello Kitty, you’ll find thousands of fashion accessories that carry this much-loved icon. Spoiler though, they’re likely not official merchandise – bet you can tell that from the prices alone.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for those quirky accessories that you can only find in this market. They may not be conventional, but if you’re a natural trendsetter, we’re sure you’ll find a way to wear those uh, plastic spring strap bracelets.

Handbags, Wallets and Belts

Imagine strolling through stalls adorned with handbags, each shouting, “Pick me! Pick me!” Seriously, it’s like a color explosion – reds, blues, yellows, you name it. 

And hold onto your hat (or better yet, buy a new one here) because the sunglasses game is strong. From the classic aviators to those oversized frames that scream celebrity vibes, you’ll have a hard time picking just one.

Various leather and fabric goods are also popular here: wallets, belts, and even customizeable passport holders. If you don’t mind not having real leather for a while, you’ll find cheap, reasonable deals here.

Brand and Custom T-Shirts

Are you a die-hard fan of a particular brand? Perhaps a football team or someone obsessed with cars? Say no more because the T-shirt options here are as vast as your imagination. 

From branded tees to those representing your favorite sports team or revving with car-related designs, there’s a shirt waiting with your name on it.

My personal favorite is the fact that you can customize a shirt design. Feeling artsy? Want to wear your favorite quote or create a shirt that’s uniquely ‘you’? You’re in luck because these stalls almost always offer personalization services.


Tech enthusiasts, the market is also a wonderland of gadgets and gizmos aplenty! From vintage desk phones to Hello Kitty appliances, LED torches to pocket radios – this place has it all (the quirky, the conventional, and even the downright outrageous).

But here’s the thing: most gadgets here run on batteries, so stock up! And if you’re eyeing something mains-powered, double-check its compatibility with your home voltage. 


Novelties? Think outside the box – scratch that, think outside the universe! 

Radios disguised as Coke cans or cars, phones that might make you do a double-take (because of their… um, unique designs). And that’s just the tip of the novelty iceberg.

It’s like stumbling upon a treasure trove of the zaniest, most outlandish items you never knew you needed. Well, let’s just say they’re quite… imaginative.

Traditional Chinese Arts and Crafts

For all you cultural connoisseurs and souvenir enthusiasts out there, you’ll enjoy Chinese craftsmanship in this market. 

We’re talking about beadwork purses, carved wooden boxes, the delicate art of Chinese knotting, and charming Cloisonné items.

What’s really cool? You don’t need a fortune to grab a piece of this heritage. These crafts, whether locally made or from across the border in China, won’t cost you an arm and a leg (it’s the Temple Street Night Market after all!)

Mobile Phone Accessories

In Hong Kong, we take acessorizing out our mobiles to a whole new level, and the market is the ultimate playground for that.

Cases? That’s just the beginning. There’s a wide array of options to make your phone go from drab to fab. We’re talking stickers, dangles, and everything in between.

And hey, don’t be shy to go wild. Mix, match, or go all out – it’s your phone, your rules!

Luggage and Bags

Need to haul all those goodies you snagged at Temple Street Night Market back home? They also got you covered with that.

From the mighty hard shell suitcases that could survive an apocalypse to the sleek backpacks perfect for urban explorers, this market has your back – quite literally!

But what will blow your mind is the range. They’ve got bags and luggage in every color and design you could dream of. Need a sleek black suitcase? They’ve got it. How about a neon pink backpack? You betcha!

Think of it this way, at Temple Street Night Market, your shopping adventure isn’t complete until you’ve found the perfect bag to carry your newfound treasures home!

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