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Where do people shop online in Hong Kong We’ll show you

Where do people shop online in Hong Kong? We’ll show you!

Let’s be real for a minute – who doesn’t love online shopping? We Hong Kongers certainly do… and in the shopper’s paradise that is Hong Kong, the online options are just as numerous as the physical ones.

If you’re like me and love some retail therapy (no judgment, I swear!), you’ll love reading this guide I’ve prepared for you. Read on so you can get to know the top online shopping sites in Hong Kong.

Where do people shop online in Hong Kong? 

In Hong Kong, people shop online through various e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Amazon, HKTVmall, Zalora, Gmarket, YesStyle, and Ztore.

There’s actually a pretty big market for online shopping sites in Hong Kong. But to help you get started, we’ll begin with the most popular sites, which offer anything and everything, from fashion to electronics. 



Pros: Low prices, wide selection, easy to use

Cons: Shipping can be slow, language barrier for non-Chinese speakers

Taobao is the big shot in China’s online shopping world and a major player right here in Hong Kong.

Here, you’ll find fashion items, electronics, and home goodies. The best part is that you can get them at reasonable prices – sometimes even bundled up for discounts or through numerous sales throughout the year. 

With a whopping 800 million products can be found in Taobao. And get this – over 100 million of us Hong Kongers are already part of this shopping frenzy, making it a buzzing hub of activity.



Pros: Fast shipping, excellent customer service, wide selection

Cons: Prices can be higher than other sites, limited selection of local products

Amazon needs no grand introduction, really. This digital giant, known worldwide, has earned its place as a local favorite.

What makes Amazon a shopping superhero here? Well, get this – a mind-boggling 300 million products await your browsing pleasure, though local products can be limited. 

Shipping to Hong Kong from Amazon can be surprisingly fast considering most of the warehouses are in the US. But that still depends on what item you are buying, how big and how many (you know, that typical formula).

If you’re looking for products that can’t be easily found in the streets of Hong Kong, this is where you go. 



Pros: Fast shipping, excellent customer service, local products

Cons: Limited selection of non-local products, prices can be higher than other sites

Next on the list is HKTVmall, the not-so-hidden gem of Hong Kong’s online shopping scene.

For those in the know, HKTVmall is one of the best choices for virtual shopping in the city, offering a specialized platform packed with over 10,000 brands.

Want that exotic snack you tried abroad? Check. Need a new vacuum cleaner? Check. Craving the latest smartphone? Double-check. What we’re trying to say is that if you can imagine it, you can probably find it here. 

But what makes HKTVmall a standout? It’s not just their extensive collection. It’s their Usain Bolt-level shipping speed – blink, and your package has already arrived. 

Their customer service is also a personal favorite of mine. So if you value after-sales care, you’ll have a fairly good experience here (hopefully!)



Pros: Trendy styles, fast shipping, easy to use

Cons: Limited selection of non-fashion items, prices can be higher than other sites

With a lineup boasting over 500 brands, Zalora doesn’t play around when it comes to variety. It’s your go-to spot, whether you’re on the hunt for runway-ready styles or casual chic vibes.

Zalora is the site you go to if you want to buy new clothes, bags, or footwear. You can filter your search based on whether you’re shopping for men’s or women’s options. 

The best part is that there’s a price point for everybody (you can actually shop anywhere from fast-fashion to high-end luxe items here). The app works well too, so it’s definitely a must for all HK fashionistas. 



Pros: Trendy styles, fast shipping, easy to use

Cons: Limited selection of non-fashion items, language barrier for non-Korean speakers

Gmarket has become a hotspot in Hong Kong’s online shopping landscape, and for good reason. It’s actually where you go if you want to experience K-town from the comfort of your home.

This Korean e-commerce gem is a hub of diverse offerings. From electronics to fashion, beauty to groceries, Gmarket covers it all. 

But what seals the deal? Competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on quality and a habit of hosting tempting sales and promotions.

For those Hong Kongers seeking a comprehensive shopping experience without breaking the bank, Gmarket ticks all the boxes. It’s simple: convenience, variety, and pocket-friendly deals all bundled into one user-friendly website.



Pros: Trendy styles, fast shipping, easy to use

Cons: Limited selection of non-fashion items, prices can be higher than other sites

YesStyle boasts an eclectic lineup of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese fashion labels that’ll make your wardrobe do a happy dance. 

Although, unlike Zalora, YesStyle also offers non-fashion items such as homeware pieces and gadgets. With that said though, it’s still more popularly known for clothes and such. 

My favorite part is the fact that they ship really fast. I almost always get my orders the following day!



Pros: Free home delivery, lots of grocery items, promos and deals

Cons: Limited selection of beauty and personal care products

For those seeking grocery goods without the supermarket saga, Ztore is Hong Kong’s answer to hassle-free shopping.

Click, select, purchase, and voila! Your entire shopping haul finds its way straight to your doorstep, waving goodbye to time-consuming trips and exhausting cart pushing.

Plus, here’s a treat for your wallet: free home delivery for orders crossing the HK$499 mark. That’s quite a threshold, so I always advise doing this on a monthly basis if you’re only living alone.

But here’s the cherry on top: Z-Dollars. Earn these golden coins as you shop, where every Z-Dollar earned translates to a HK$1 in-store rebate. Everybody loves those, right?

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