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The Reason Why Hong Kong Stopped Stamping Passports

The Reason Why Hong Kong Stopped Stamping Passports 

Passport stamps have always been a badge of honor for travelers looking for a souvenir for their trip. They prove you’ve been somewhere and even state things like when you entered a country or the type of travel you were doing.

Back in the day, you could proudly show your colorful passport filled with stamps from different countries. However, some places like Hong Kong are making the switch to an entirely different policy, which means they no longer stamp passports. But what’s the reason, really? 

Why doesn’t Hong Kong stamp passports anymore?

As of 2013, Hong Kong stopped stamping passports to move to a more efficient system. Since everything is done on a computer at the Hong Kong immigration now, all information of each traveler entering the city is already saved and stored in their records, rescinding the need for passport stamps. 

What is Hong Kong’s alternative to passport stamps?

Even though Hong Kong does not stamp passports anymore, it does provide landing slips to visitors, which serve as proof of entry. 

What’s written on the Hong Kong landing slip? 

Written on the Hong Kong landing slip are the traveler’s information like full name, arrival date, travel document number, and limit of stay in Hong Kong. 

What should I do if I lose my landing slip in Hong Kong?

If travelers lose their landing slip in Hong Kong, they can ask for replacement at the 5th floor of the Immigration Department Headquarters. The replacement is free of charge. 

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to worry when you lose your landing slip as it will not affect departure from Hong Kong. 

However, for your safety (since all your information is written there), we advise you to be careful not to lose it. 

How does Hong Kong keep track of entry and exit without stamping passports?

Hong Kong can still keep track of entry and exit without stamping passports because with the help of technology, all needed information can be accessed via computer when needed. 

What other countries have stopped stamping people’s passports? 

In the modern age, countries like Singapore, Argentina, Australia, Israel and Macau have stopped stamping people’s passports. Instead, like Hong Kong, they give out landing slips (except for Australia). 

Will Hong Kong’s policy of not stamping passports continue in the future?

As of the moment, there are no issues when it comes to Hong Kong’s policy of not stamping passports. With that in mind, it’s possible that this policy will continue in the future. 

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